Monday, June 7, 2010

Sketchbook Mondays

     I thought I would try something new. I love to get a peek into artist's sketchbooks, it's SO fascinating to me, so I thought I would be brave and post a sketch from mine every Monday. If you want to join in, leave a link to your post in the comments and I would love to come and check it out!

      This is a sketch of my youngest when he was still pretty little (I think about six months old). Grandma had given him this puppy hat, and he was just adorable. Also I love how wide and clear his eyes are, and his little round nose. I could go on, and on, but I won't :)

      My sketchbook is kind of small, and it's a hardbound book (I stopped using spiral bound sketchbooks because of how they smear, but then I discovered that if you sketch in colored pencil it doesn't smear! So I may go back to spiral after this one's all filled up) so it's kind of hard to get a good picture of it. If any of you have tips for me about this I would love to hear it. 

     Also, I would like to give a big welcome to my new followers: Kathi, Rafael, Beth, Noemi, and Linda. Welcome! I'm so glad you're here and I'm looking forward to getting to know you :) I'm just starting this now, so any past followers that didn't get a shout out, I'm sorry, I'm very glad you are here too :) Happy Monday everyone!


  1. great idea and I love your first sketch

  2. By way of introduction to the group, I'm Crystal's husband. Now that you know everything interesting about me I'll move on.

    A decade later an I'm still in awe. I have seen about every painting you ever produced and now expect every painting to turn out jaw-droppingly amazing.

    Wonderful idea to show the foundational pieces that you have always kept quitely tucked away. I would just like to let everyone know how rare it is for Crystal to show these. I treat her sketchbook as I would her journal - they are both very personal. I have never seen this sketch, nor most of her sketches.

  3. Awww....Brodie - Crystal - you guys make me smile : ) Brodie - your support/admiration of Crystal is lovely! Crystal, I think this is a wonderful idea. I think sketching is so important and as I've talked about before - I love seeing process. Thank you for sharing something so personal to you. It's a wonderful sketch. P.S. do you know of the website Quite fantastic!

  4. Absolutely love it Crystal! I don't know why, but I also love sketches. I think this is a great idea for Mondays!

  5. What a fun idea. I love to see other's sketches, too. Your sketch, like all of your paintings, is very good.

  6. that looks more like a finished piece than a sketch :) Really beautiful.

  7. Beautiful sketch of your little guy! Sometimes hard to share our sketches because we don't consider them up to our high standards of "art", but your sketch is great. Decided to share some eye sketches on my blog.

  8. Sketchbook is the most interesting thing in a studio for sure..
    This sketch is wicked.. Again the expresson captured is just so good. And thanks for that suggestion about colored pencils.. I use a spiral bound one and there is so much smearing..

  9. Great sketch of the little one, Crystal. I look forward to seeing more.

  10. Thanks Gary!

    Brodie :):):):):):):) Do you know how much you totally made my day? :):):):):) You are the sweetest, best, most amazing husband ever, and I love you so much. Thanks babe. I've read this comment about a hundred times, and each time I smile a little more. You are the best.

    Kim, thanks so much friend :) I don't know what I'd do without him. I haven't heard of that site but I'm going to definetly check it out! Thanks!

    Thanks so much Rachel!

    Thanks very much Michelle!

    Thanks Meera, my perfectionist tendencies still scream at me even when I'm sketching! I try to loosen up but I'm beginning to realize that it's just not my style. At least, not right now :)

    Thanks Susan, that's exactly how I feel about my sketches too. I stopped by your blog and LOVED your eye sketches. Just beautiful!

    Thanks Prabal! I love that you called it wicked! Heeee! And once I discovered that colored pencil's don't smear I felt like smacking myself in the forehead for not thinking of it sooner! I HATE messy sketchbooks, so this works great for me. Let me know how you like it.

    Thank you very much Carol :):)

  11. Crystal, What a fabulous idea to post your sketches. You are leaving an absolute treasure for your boys!

    And, your hubby's post is just awesome! What a supportive guy.

    I love your blog:)

  12. Wow! It has always been obvious how much in love you are with your husband just by reading some of you earlier posts. He clearly feels the same way. I have to say that when I read his post, my eyes actually welled up! It's so bizaar having never met you!
    The only problem with you putting your sketches on show is that it makes me want to hide mine away in shame! I can almost squidge his little cheeks and wiggle his button nose!

  13. Great idea and an amazing sketch! you are very gifted. perfect!

  14. Hi Carrie! Thanks so much :):) He is amazing, I'm so lucky :)

    Thanks Ron!

    Sandra, that's just the sweetest comment, thank you :) And don't even be ashamed! Your sketches are beautiful!! :) Glad you're back by the way, I can't wait to hear about your awesome trip!

    Thank you very much Suzanne! :)

  15. crystal ..a treat to see ..what a wonderful post to read ...i love sketching i'm glad you will share more .


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