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An Interview with the Artist: Kim Rempel

This is Kim. Lovely, awesome, kind, generous, talented (and did I say awesome?) Kim Rempel. :)

Welcome to another edition of Interview With The Artist! Today we have Kim Rempel, artiste extraordinaire.  When I first started my blog I was cruising around checking other blogs out when I somehow managed to find Kim's. I instantly fell in love with her buttery brushstrokes, rich colors, and striking yet simple compositions. I found her paintings of  sometimes quite ordinary objects absolutely gorgeous. And Kim is not only talented, but one of the warmest and most genuine people I know in the blogoverse.

To see more of Kim's work visit her website here
And her blog here

On to the interview! :)

(as a side note: this interview runs a little like a conversation, so I will be speaking in bold, blue letters like this. And Kim will be speaking like this.)

First of all, I love the name of your blog: “Eat, Drink, Paint.” How did you come up with that title?
When I decided to venture into daily painting I was a bit daunted by the "daily" part. It felt like a huge commitment. My thoughts went back to intense periods in school when you would eat, study (or paint), and sleep. It kind of felt like what I was about to venture into but I thought it needed a bit more of a pleasurable ring: hence Eat Drink Paint. Awesome. That's one of the best titles ever. :)

So, everyone wants to know how it all began. Can you tell us a little about your path to becoming the artist you are today?
Sure. I graduated from Sheridan College's Illustration program with a major in book illustration and a minor in illustration for advertising. After that I basically worked as a freelance graphic designer. When my second child was born I decided I wanted to leave the computer for the paintbrush and I began taking courses. That was about ten years ago. I'm still taking courses. You gotta keep learning!
Indeed you do! Learning is key, isn't it?

'Holiday Table (a flower for Richard)'
6" x 6" oil on panel by Kim Rempel

I’m pretty impressed with your ability to consistently produce beautiful work. You post almost every single day to your blog! That takes nerves of steel my friend. I’m curious about your motivation. What inspires you to create your art and how do you keep motivated when things get tough in the studio?
I began the blog purely for personal development. You always tell your children they need to practice to get better and I thought I should do the same. I wanted to see if I'd be able to see a marked improvement over time - if it really would work ; ) I'd been told you just have to log in the time - paint miles of canvas - to see yourself get better. And I took it to heart. Having the blog keeps me motivated for producing regularly because you can't back-date your posts! It keeps you accountable ; )

Egg Stash
6" x 6" oil on panel by Kim Rempel

I’m a huge fan of all your work. And I think that your small still life paintings are some of the most
beautiful I’ve seen. What is it about still lifes that keeps you painting them? And what projects are you currently working on?
Oh, thank you Crystal! For years the bulk of my work was plein air but when I began "daily painting" I took up still life because I wanted the comfort of an indoor environment. Just lately I was beginning to feel that the smaller works were taking away from time I needed to develop larger pieces, so I've recently decided to post everything I've been working on - run it more as a daily art journal as opposed to a blog showing only finished small works. Currently I'm working on experimentation. And I've got a few ideas for a series tucked away...

24" x 24" acrylic by Kim Rempel

Life as an artist is pretty awesome. But it’s not all glitter and rainbows. What do you think is the best part of being an artist? And the worst part?
Best: the daily opportunity to create something intriguing, beautiful, arresting. How awesome is that? I mean, really! Excitement, hope!
Worst: waiting for my skills to catch-up with my vision. Word sista. :)

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist?
My immediate reaction was skill development. But after much thinking I would have to say my biggest challenge is not making a real income. The arts is a tough gig.

Cupcake Fever
6" x 6" oil on panel by Kim Rempel

What is one thing you want viewers of your paintings to walk away with?
I want them to be moved - to experience something in a new way.

Let’s talk about artistic influences. Who has been your biggest source of inspiration? Dead or alive.
The Group of Seven.

Spelt Chocolate Biscotti
6" x 6" oil on panel by Kim Rempel

Let’s say life as we know it is about to end and you’re in charge of creating an artistic time capsule for the aliens who recolonize Earth to find. What art - both classic and contemporary – would you insist on including?
I love your questions! The pressure! Okay - this question could take pages so I'll just do a very quick, off-the-top-of-my-head answer.

1. Kathe Kollwitz - Widows and orphans
2. Klimt - Fulfilment
3. Tom Thomson - In Algonquin Park
4. Van gogh - The Artist's Room
5. Peter Doig - Ski Jacket
6. Louise Bourgeois - Maman
7. David Alexander - Japanese Rain no. 2
8. work from a 4-year old child.

Excellent choices! I love Kollwitz too. And the last one, the work of a 4 year old child is the BEST. But, I'm unfamiliar with some of these works. Off I go to google. . .

Any tips or words of advice for artists who are just getting started in their career?
Marry a marketer! I kid. . . Have support. Look at everything. Go to galleries. Check out art books. Take courses. Don't take short-cuts. Tackle what needs working on.

Fletcher Creek
acrylic by Kim Rempel

What do you like to do when you’re not painting?
Read, bake, play cards/speed scrabble etc. Hang out with my family ; )
Reading, sugar, time with family. . . you are a woman after my own heart!

How do you maintain a good balance between family time and creative time?
That one's easy. My children are in school full days so I get to work from 9-3.

6" x 6" oil on panel by Kim Rempel

And finally, where do you see yourself in ten years?
I'd like to be more established and to be doing a bit of teaching.

And now for a random bit of fun we have a. . .

Dawn or dusk?

Sweet or salty?

Winter or Summer?
Can I say Fall?
I suppose. But only because you're awesome. And now as a penalty you must overnight me a cupcake. :) Kidding. . . kinda. :))

Zombies or Unicorns?
Zombies! Except kind of artsy ones that roam around looking cool, not the kind that would actually eat your brains. Well chosen, well chosen indeed.  :) 

Dine in or eat out?

All-time favorite book?
Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
Oh, I love that book too!

All-time favorite movie?
"Sound of Music" but that sounds so darn sappy. My second fave is "Lars and the Real Girl".
Nothing wrong with a little bit of sap. :) Or a lot. :))

All-time favorite food?

Housework or yardwork?

Strong heart or strong mind?
Strong heart. 

The Extra Mile
6" x 6" oil on panel by Kim Rempel

Thank you so much Kim! You are the best! :)


  1. J'ai beaucoup apprécié de lire cet interview. Tout comme vous ma chère Cristal, j'admire le travail sans cesse renouvelé de Kim. A présent je la connaîtrai davantage, bien que dans certaines de ses réponses je retrouve tout à fait sa personnalité à travers ses oeuvres.

    Gros bisous à vous deux. Ce fut un immense plaisir que de revoir également quelques unes de ses peintures.

  2. Really enjoyed the conversation, lots to think about and take heart in. Such beautiful artwork, I'm enjoying checking it out through Kim's blog

  3. I've been following Kim's blog for a while and she sounds in this interview just the way I'd imagined she would. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Another intriguing interview! (You should get a job on tv or radio doing this!) Great questions! Love Kim's work. Definitely have to check out her blog even though I have told myself I already have so many blogs to try to follow that I really don't need to add any more!!

  5. Wonderful post and interview. Enjoy you both and what a fun read!

  6. Great interview and responses. Crystal and Kim, you are both very talented. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  7. Crystal, thanks for these interviews. I am just enjoying them a great deal..

  8. great interview crystal!! i've admired kim and her work for some time. fun to get to see a snapshot of who she is! thanks!

  9. Thanks Crystal...gotta love Kim and her work. I do!

  10. I love your blog, Crystal! Your artwork and informative interviews are inspiring!
    I leave you with these famous words...."I shall return".

  11. Wonderful post Crystal!! and this interview with Kim was so beautiful. Her blog is wonderful and I joined to see her future work.

  12. I've also been following Kim for a long time. She has been a continuous source of inspiration hasn't she? I am just LOVING reading these interviews Crystal! They fascinate me :0)

  13. Great interview. Really fun questions! Found you through Kim's blog, but bookmarking yours right now!

  14. Cupcake fever.... mmmm! Tasty painting.

  15. Thanks so much Crystal! It was a fun process and you are the best. And thanks for the kind words fellow bloggers! It's such a journey, isn't it? ; )


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