Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New watercolor portrait work in progress

work in progress watercolor portrait 

It's been a very long time since I painted a watercolor portrait that wasn't a commission. I think it's been since January. Wow. I kind of can't believe that. I just went and looked it up and it HAS been since January. That's a long time for me. 

This painting is based on a photo by the amazing Steve Evans, of a beautiful young girl from South India. This section is just a close up, the full painting is all of her face and some of her arm too. I fell in love with her eyes. So sincere, so alive. I'm very excited to get back to painting it. 

And here's a peek at what's been going on during my 'dragon days.'

 A little horse bust I sculpted on my birthday last week. Just for fun. :) 

My latest sculpting project. A bigger, more detailed horse sculpture. Hopefully, if everything works out, this will be a full body gypsy horse when it's finished. That's the goal anyway. :)

I am feeling SO excited about this little side project right now. It is filling up my creative well in a big way. 

Anyone out there tried sculpting before? And, what's something you guys do to refuel your creative fire?  




  1. Interesting to see the WIP, Crystal, it looks like another winner.

    Your sculpting looks a really exciting project, it's like you are painting in 3D. It has that same CC dynamism!!

    I wood-carve, which is a similar hobby, but not very often these days. The Hawaiian Tiki that is the logo on my blog, is a photo of one of my carvings.

  2. Crystal, OMGoodness your sculptures are delightful. :)

  3. Your painting looks like another beautiful portrait in the making! Those eyes are so absorbing...
    And you are so good at sculpture!! I used to love making things out of plasticine when my kids were small - in fact they used to bore of it long before I did and often left me to it, lol! I wasn't very good at it though!
    These days my time is somehow even more limited than it was back then what with working hours going up and the chaos of a new puppy - so any creative time I have has to go on painting! That said, if I had more time I would write :0)

  4. That's a lot of commission work, congrats!
    It's in the eyes, I feel like if I look deeply enough I'm going to feel what she's feeling, beautifully done.
    And that side project, how amazing is that! The wonderful detail I see forming, looking forward to seeing the finished work.

  5. Hi Crysal. I could really get lost in those eyes - gorgeous! And you sculpting is fabulous!!! What material are you carving?

  6. I am loving this sculptor.. It really looks very attractive.. Whats the medium? And I cant wait to see the portrait. I live in southern part of India too. :)

  7. Such beautiful sculpture :) I am from southern India too -- so curious to see the portrait!

  8. So fun to see your sculpture, Crystal!

    I love clay and would enjoy doing more 3-D work but don't have a place for that right now.


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