Monday, September 18, 2017

Heat Seeker

Heat Seeker

I can pretty much always count on two things when it comes to painting. 

1. It will take longer than I think it will. (amiright?)

2. I will ALWAYS choose the subject with the most beautiful light. 

This kitty was gorgeously backlit, making her ears just glow and causing beautiful catchlights in her eyes. I thought I heard angels singing when I saw the light but it might have been me. ;) 

Something I learned with this painting is to make sure and paint in colorful areas first so they don't get muddied by the surrounding darks. I think I have heard Carol Marine refer to this as her 'island to ocean' technique. 

Fell a bit behind with painting a single painting every day for September, but that's just life and I'm not beating myself up over it. I actually enjoy it more when I split the painting up over two days. . . at least at this size. 

Have a good night everyone! I'll be visiting blogs tomorrow! HUGZZZ, Crystal 

Watching: Blacklist
Listening to: Chiustream with Bobby Chiu
Reading: Love and Gelato
Snacking on: nada
Drinking: banana flavored bcaa's


  1. What a beautiful cat you painted Crystal!!! The eyes are SO amazing....and your own signature!!! And of course your most recent painting is wonderful!!!!!

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  4. You are all so talented. Love this autumn watercolor inspiration!


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