I believe very strongly in giving back and helping those who can not help themselves.
6" x 9" watercolor - sold
I also believe that my talent is a gift from God and I have a responsibility to use it to help others and not just for my own gain.
A portion of the proceeds of my gross annual sales of all original paintings of domestic animals (cats, dogs, and horse) will be donated to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, a no kill facility located here in Utah.
A portion of the proceeds of my gross annual sales of all original (non-commissioned) paintings of  children will be donated to the American Red Cross relief fund for countries in need outside of the US due to natural disasters, poverty, hunger, and vaccine preventable illness.
I also periodically help by donating to certain fundraisers I'm associated with throughout the year in Equine rescue and rehabilitation.
At this time I can no longer fulfill donation requests to other charities. Being a professional artist is how I make my living and help support my family and I simply can't donate to every worthy charity as much as I would like to. I am sorry to decline but I must follow my heart and donate in the areas I feel most strongly about, believing that I can help make a difference. I am honored that you would consider me, although I must decline, and I wish you the very best of luck with your fundraising endeavors.
7" x 10" watercolor

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  1. I think it is wonderful that you help how you can. I myself donate prints to the local spay and neuter task force for them to use to raise money for their cause. I also am currently fostering a mamma cat and her 5 kittens, plus a slightly older orphan she agreed to nurse for us :) I hope sometime soon I actually start consistently selling my work so I can donate more.


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