Friday, March 26, 2010

Finished! And, how do you get unstuck?

10 x 14 watercolor
  I finished this painting last night. I kept thinking I wanted to go back in and deepen the color but I decided not too. Because it looked fresh to me and I didn't want to go in and kill it. I think it captured my littlest one pretty good :) Gosh they grow so fast.
     I feel like my painting is growing more since I started blogging. I've gained a lot from this experience and I love to see everything you guys are working on. It's feeding my soul. I'm amazed at your technique and the concepts you have. It's been a lot of fun :)
     Next up for me is a portrait of my husband. I started it last night, it's coming along. I'm also looking for a new animal painting, maybe one of my dogs or a horse again. I'm excited about painting again. I love that feeling. I want to hang on to it. Sometimes I feel like I get stuck with my art, I'm not feeling inspired, and I doubt every little thing about my work. One thing that helps me is to see the work of others. That's why I love blogging so much. But what about you? Do you ever feel uninspired? And what do you do to work yourself out of your slump? Happy weekend everyone, can't wait to see what you'll create next.


  1. Ever uninspired? Oh for sure... When it happens I try and go for a walk, normally around very tall trees, I find my best stories are when I'm thinking of an empty forest... no one around, I can create anything, a different world (which of course I have!!!) something unique and fresh!

    I also fine when inspired I am also stuck... too many ideas packed into one the best way to climb out is to share my frustration with the hubby and get his ideas!

    Great post!!

  2. You made a good decision when you decided to leave it alone. I think that is one of the most important things we have to learn. This is just beautiful. When I get stuck, I obviously go to the blogs for inspiration and also head out for new photographs. Since I paint from photos most of the time, the sight of a new one, with a good composition or great values is usually enough to get me excited.

    Thanks for your kind comments regarding my work.

  3. Great painting. You stopped at the right moment :)

    Do I feel uninspired? Yes I do. I get into a phase where anything I paint goes wrong and I start to get skeptical about my skills. I get to the point where I can't paint anymore and start to look at painting as a monster.

    What choice have you got but to kill it, though! Do you know how I do it? I get to the basics i.e. sketching. Sketching usually never lets me down (touchwood). A couple of good sketches and I find myself back on track. And I make sure the first painting after a slump is always a very simple sure shot success kind of subject.

    Well, that's my story. Have a great weekend.

    You know what? I haven't painted for about a week trying to clear backlog at work. But, your post inspired me. Guess my brushes will get wet tomorrow!

    Also, tomorrow I plan on making a trip to a local museum where they have a special exhibition of landscape paintings (primarily watercolours) from the 18th century. I can't wait to get there and gape at them.

  4. I thought I was prolific but you are amazing, Crystal. Looks as though I have to check your blog out everyday to see what great things you are doing. And they are just marvelous.
    When stuck-I go for a hike or with this busted up foot a ride helps. By the time I return home I am so full of ideas I am ready to burst.

  5. I saw recently a quote that I can't find again. It said, in effect, that "inspiration is for amateurs. Real artists just get to work" I think there is a thread of truth to this...I also think that inspiration comes when the brush/pencil/needle/camera or what ever is moving. It is in the process, not in the thinking about starting the process.

    That said...sometimes I hesitate starting the process because I know that once I do, I don't know when I'll come up for air again!!

    I happened on to your site from I don't know where! I love the simplicity you maintain even when digging into the details. Your style and process fit the subject matter perfectly. Quite an accomplishment.

    I hope to hear that your 'timeless remedy' takes best of show!! Its stunning and takes me back 21 years when my little babe was 4 days old! Oh how the time has flown!

  6. Your work is BEAUTIFUL!! I just mess around, but you are truly, truly talented. Thanks for visiting my blog...I really am impressed with your work and your musings!! Love it, love it!!

  7. Jen, thanks for the tips :) I think the over flow of too many ideas is actually pretty true. Hmmm, just never thought of it like that. Thanks!

    Carol, I am a big fan of your work :) And I think you are so right! That was so hard for me to finally learn, to just stop while you're ahead! And you've reminded me that taking new photos is great for inspiration too. Thanks for what you said about my painting :)

    Sujit, Thank you :)
    And I feel the EXACT same way, sometimes I think painting is a monster and why the heck did I think I could paint anyway!
    And that is excellent advice about sketching, that helps me too, I just forgot about that :)

    Also, so, so glad to inspire you, can't wait to see what you paint tomorrow! Go kill it ;)!!

    Gary, you are prolific! I'm always amazed at how much excellent art you produce so quickly! And thanks for the kind words about my painting :) A hike is sounding good right now.

    Kaylyn, glad you found my blog! And you're right about the inspiration coming when the brush actually hits the paper. I know I'm guilty of just over thinking it. And thanks for the luck about my painting. I can't think of anything more precious than those first newborn days, it's just sad that they pass so quickly.

    Sharon, thank you! And I think your work is great! I'll be back to visit your blog for sure :)

  8. Your portraits are truly inspiring Crystal, I have so much respect for artist who know just when to stop. I am one of those who goes a step too far at times. Love your work. Your 'Painting with Feeling' is also absolutely fantastic!

  9. Debbie, thank you so much for stopping by! And thank you for the kind words about my painting. I usually go a step too far to. I have to practically hold my arm to my side to get myself to stop! LOL that's been one of my goals this year is to stop before I normally would. Thanks again Debbie!

  10. Fantastic work Crystal, the lighting is fantastic. Well I often get tired and frustrated and stuck thinking 'I cant paint' I paint pretty much everyday so sometimes I find just having a full day off does wonders for me, and Im eager to get started again. But I dont think you can leave it too long, better to work through it sometimes and find your way. Just my thougths anyhow!

  11. I absolutely love your painting, so innocent and beautiful. You are inspiring me to attempt some portraits of my boys. I agree that reading other blogs definitely feeds the soul and keeps you going. Happy painting! Oh and food for thought, I realized the other day that after we are gone our paintings will still be around, it is our legacy, pretty intense thought to live up to.

  12. Carrie, thank you so much :) And I'm so glad to inspire you! I think you should give it a try, portraits aren't that much harder than anything else, well maybe that's just because that's where I've practiced the most. Landscapes are hard for me :)

    That is an intense thought to live up to! But a great one :)

  13. Oooo Great post! i totally have my days where i am uninspired but i pick up my camera anyway... right now i think for me i am at a point where i am just developing my skills so i am forcing myself to get inspired... There is SO much beauty around us we just need to take a step outside our current box & find it... So i would say that i force myself out of my slump! lol.

    Thanks so much for the comments on my blog & i am rather excited about the new things in STORE for me! lol. Happy Monday!

  14. Very cute expression. Beautiful painting.

  15. You do beautiful work, Crystal! Love your portraits here-- such clean, clear colors! I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  16. My first visit to your art blog. Be-a-utiful. Just sayin' :)

  17. Inspiration, Motivation and Encouragement - thy name is Crystal :)

  18. Gosh I'm such a blonde, and I'm the only one allowed to call me that because I'M the blonde :)

    Sam, I thought I responded already, oops! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for what you said about the painting. And you are exactly right about not letting it go too long. A day off helps me too as long as I don't procrastinate getting back to painting again :)

    Kimberly, glad to hear things are going well for you! And yes we do sometimes just need to force ourselves.

    Rishi, thank you very much! And glad to have you here :)

    Melissa, thank you SO much. I try for clean color, sometimes I think I get close.

    Michelle, you're the sweetest! Thanks so much for coming over here :)

    Sujit, *blushing* Thank you friend. Same goes for you :)


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