Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Midweek Inspiration, A Question, and Progress

untitled, watercolor 10 x 14

     Making some progress with this painting, it's not exactly where I want it to be, but it's close. And it's coming together pretty quickly and it's a lot of fun :)
      I've been thinking about this blog lately and what I want to do with it, so I thought I would ask you readers a question, or two. What do you like the most about artist blogs? What do you like to see, works in progress or more written content about the creative process and things like that. I am finding that this blog is kind of a record of my own little journey, and I'm not sure if that's of value to anyone else or not. I mean I'm going to keep blogging from my heart, which is usually why my posts are soooo long, but I'd like to know your opinion about this too. Is there something that you do or don't like to see on a blog that you feel like sharing? I'm curious about that. Comments would be much appreciated friends :)
     And here is another quote I found that I love and thought you might like too:

 "You'll do your best if you paint the things around you that connect you emotionally - your world, your children, etc. Start with the things at hand you feel most deeply about. Choose subjects or scenes that get under your skin, things that make you feel something. . . Any subject is valid provided the artist has an emotional reaction to it. You've got to feel it if you are going to paint it successfully.  Don't paint anything that doesn't interest you. You will be bored and your boredom will show in your work. You have to be excited to paint exciting things."

Arne Westerman

     I try to follow that advice, creating with passion that's the key. Who cares what anyone else thinks, you love it then paint it, write it, photograph it! It's your vision don't let anyone else dictate how or what you create. This is one area of your world you are in complete control of.  

     Happy St. Patty's too :)


  1. The painting is looking really good.
    Your blog doesn't seem like it needs any changes, to me. I like to see finished paintings, work in progress and a brief written explanation about the process on art blogs as well as any personal thoughts about the art that the artist has. You've got all that covered here. I think blogging should be for you as much as for your readers.

  2. Anything you do on this blog, I will love. I have enjoyed every installment so keep up the good work. This painting is going to be gorgeous. What a beautiful baby! Happy SPD. :)

  3. Happy St Patty's day to you too! I am more of a visual person so just writting would probably draw me away but i do enjoy your posts! & you work is coming along VERY nicely!!

  4. Thanks Michelle :) I think you're right about that, it should be for us too, why do I worry so much about that? I'm a chronic worrier, I'm seeking help :)

    Roxy *hugs* thanks so much friend. I think he is the most beautiful baby, I'm not biased at all right?

    Kimberly, thanks for the insight, I'm drawn to visual stuff too (obviously ;)). And thanks for the comment about the painting!

  5. Your art is amazing, what an amazing gift you have! I always love visiting, each piece has it's own unique quality. I can't get over how awesome they are!!

  6. Thanks Jen! That means a lot to me :) I love when you stop by for a visit!

  7. Crystal - Thanks for posting on my blog. I'm so glad you did so that I could enjoy seeing your FANTASTIC!!! paintings. I so agree with the quote - I find that when I'm in a slump with painting, I need to paint my kids or granddaughter and it turns the mood around. The paintings that I connect with that are about my family or beautiful things I see in God's Creation turn out better than those I'm painting to meet some deadline or whatever. Your work is so beautiful. I look forward to cheering for you and seeing more of your work.

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by! And for the kind things you said about my work! I agree with everything you said about things to paint when you're in a slump. I look forward to seeing more of your work too!

  9. That quote is perfect advice for any artist, writer, photographer etc. Well said.
    I think a blog is each journal,if you will, of our lives as we pursue our endeavors. It is a window into what we are and why we are producing what we are. As far as I am concerned you are doing just perfect with it.
    God bless and continue on...
    Great watercolor. You can tell your love for what you are doing in this piece.

  10. You said it perfectly Gary. Thanks so much. I hope you can see my love in this piece :)

  11. This painting is coming along nicely. I like to see a few works in progress(WIP) and how and why it was painted. Your blog is great, and it is "Your" blog. Enjoy the journey!

  12. Crystal, Your work is amazing! Thank you for the kind comments on my blog. I will be back to check out your progress.

  13. Thanks Susan :)

    Thanks Ron :) Glad you stopped by!

    Carol, you are so kind, I really love your work too! I'll be checking up on your progress too, thanks for stopping by!

  14. Hi Crystal,
    I've enjoyed reading through your blog. Your portraits are so nice and fresh. This one is coming along beautifully. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the kind words.I will be back to see more!

  15. Peggi, thanks so much for stopping by! And for the kind comments about my paintings. I try, sometimes I feel like I get close. Hope you do stop back in, I will at yours for sure!


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