Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WIP Wednesday and a very random thing that made me smile

more work in progress 15 x 20 watercolor

First of all thank you so much for all of your wonderful, heartfelt comments from my previous post. You guys are the best. :) Thank you.

Second, I've made some progress with this WIP. I was hoping to be finished by now, but I'm not quite there yet. It's coming along though. I like the warm colors in this piece, and that very different green apple. 

Third, sometimes you just really need something to make you smile you know?

Yes, of course you do.

That's why when I saw this:

I just knew I had to share it with any fellow sugar junkies out there.

You're welcome. :)

And last of all, I started a Facebook Fan page for my art and would be honored if you wanted to come and 'like' me. The widget is on the side of my blog.

Thanks everyone!

Until Friday.



  1. Really nice painting. The colours of the apples are really interesting. I am eager to see the way it turns out.
    Best wishes,

  2. It is just fantastic, still mesmerized by the look in the eyes, can't wait to see where you take it from here, and a cupcake sounds amazing!

  3. This is looking fantastic- I love the light! I also liked you on fb, before long you will have hundreds of likers!

  4. You paint children so beautifully, and capture their joy and innocence so well.
    Now I am going to go searching for a cupcake :>

  5. The painting looks great Crystal.You have mastered the art of capturing expressions and emotions so well.The look in the eye says "Finish painting the apples so that I can pick one of them":-).Would love to see the finished piece.

  6. Looking beautiful !
    Will go like you on FB too xx

  7. Took the ingredients over to my grand children last weekend for them to make chocolate cupcakes and after dinner they served me tea and cake. Delightful. Your previous post was heart warming that out of grief for a friend, you were able to show more love than ever to your family. We should all learn this lesson to demonstrate our love as often as possible. Thanks for the reminder. BTW beautiful artwork in both posts.

  8. I love the expression on the child's face! This is going to be another wonderful painting!

    I did the FB thing wrong. First I "friended" you. Then I figured out how to do the "like". So if you want to ignore the friend request, that's ok. You may keep your "friend" list more private, and I totally understand!

  9. I like the progress. I think you should do a cupcake giveaway and totally rig it so I win.

  10. Hi Crystal. Love the warm colors you have in the background ... and of course the foreground!

  11. I really love that baby and the apples. So very precious! Cute cupcake slogan!

  12. He's so cute, looking so longingly at those apples, you'd think it they were cookies:) It's looking fabulous!! I do really like the warm colors in this one and that green apple pops. Love the cupcake sign, right up my alley!

  13. Coming out beautifully. I enjoy watching your progress, Crystal.

  14. love the warm/cool tension of the colors in the composition!

  15. This painting is going to be another gorgeous one! And I can't wait to see your landscape! I have painted the garden, covered in snow (my style) and then did a couple of very quick watercolours as my tutor would like - loose! Hmmm... Dare I post them?


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