Thursday, September 22, 2011

Choosing to See SOLD

Sunlight SOLD
5" x 7" watercolor

This stallion's name is 'Golden Sunlight of Hermits' owned by Sandra Butterfield of Hermits Cobs. I saw a photo of him on Facebook and fell in love with him. He has such a kind eye and expression. And just look at his coloring, and gorgeous feathered feet! *sigh* I HAD to paint him. Sandra says he is as friendly and kind as he is gorgeous. :)

One of the great things about being an artist is that your eyes are opened to everything around you.

You see things that most people miss, like the intense purplish blue mixed in with all the sparkling green on a dragonfly's body, or the way a baby's soft cheek turns a rosy orange when he's sitting in the sun stacking towers of rainbow colored blocks with chubby hands.

Life as an artist is good.

And yet. . . Sometimes I find myself just going through the motions. Living my life, but not really seeing it.

So this morning I tried to change that. When I went running I breathed in deep when I passed a field of fresh cut alfalfa hay, I listened to the rushing sound of my breath burning in and out of my lungs, felt the tension of my muscles pushing for just a little more speed.

When I came home I watched my husband's face when he was getting ready for work, taking in every handsome curve and angle (for those of you that don't know, that's him in the banner above), that I know so well, like it was the first time I'd ever seen him.

I marveled at the relative silence in the car when I took my two older boys to school. No arguing, no teasing, just the sound of the audiobook "A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book The Ninth" playing in the background.

I opened the lid on my watercolor palette and watched the sun glint off of each color well, shining and sparkling and calling my name.

I heard my son, just three years old, tell me "you're my best friend Mom," saw the way his hair that's always just a little too long curled over his ears. The downward cast of soft lashes against soft cheeks.

And I knew then that seeing, really seeing, the way an artist sees is a gift.

But it's also a choice.

I choose to see, as often as I can.

Your turn. :) What unexpected beauty have you seen lately?


  1. This morning while waiting in the examining room for my doctor to come in, I stood at the 3red story window and watched a flock of swallows. They would fly up to the roof, then they would launch themselves out and make spirals down almost to the ground. They soared and swooped without flapping their wings. It reminded me of hand gliders. It sure looked like fun.

  2. The 'Golden Sunlight of Hermits' looks lit by Sun so well that becomes a true Sun Light. Very interesting composition and a very nice contrast Crystal!
    Thank you for sharing the story,

  3. Beautiful burst of sunlight and life-Lovely painting!!!

    Sunrise this past tuesday felt beautifully long and slow and that is my latest my post -photographs of the first light gloriously ushering the day.

  4. Beautiful post, Crystal...well written by a beautiful person.

  5. lovely words and a stunning painting. i love the graphic quality, just beautiful!

  6. Such beauty is captured in your painting!! I love the light you've captured.

    Your post is equally as beautiful! Seeing the way an artists sees is a gift from God and God is the master artist!

  7. Hi,Crystal,
    Lovely work. Particularly, colours are very impressive. Congrats!

  8. Oh Crystal..What a beautiful post!!! And a beautiful painting!!!

  9. A gorgeous painting and I love how you see things. You are a wonderful writer, you make me smile.

  10. Beautiful post. You are so welcome about linking your post - It was an important, profound post & deserved to be shared.

    Yesterday I took a break from working to go out in the back yard with our puppy and was struck by the incredible beauty of the sunlight shining through the trees and on the sunflowers and garden. Such a perfect time of year...

  11. What a beautiful post, Crystal. It truly is a gift to see and feel as you described.

  12. I don't know, if we can be passionate and see the beauty all the time (at least I can't), but it is certainly worth trying and practicing. For me it is easiest in the morning and in nature.
    Lovely painting: the eyes, so gentle!
    And your husband is certainly very handsome!;)

  13. I have a soft spot in my heart for draft horses. I love your painting!

  14. It's a truly beautiful horse!
    I often wlak my dog in the woods behind my garden and sometimes my friend meets me there so we can take the dogs out together. I am forever saying 'Oh, just look at this!' and she is always replying 'How on earth did you notice that?'
    It's often something simple like the sun shining on some spongy moss or reflecting off of a shiney toad-stool, but that's the difference; she will chat away oblivious to everything and yet I am taking in my surroundings. It's only since I began painting that I have been like that :0)

  15. Beautiful painting.

    Today I've seen the beauty of a newly plastered wall. So smooth, so precious. Inspiring to see a craftsman work.

  16. Wonderful painting and post all around, Crystal! You're the best!

  17. Crystal,
    Its always a pleasure reading your posts. You are a born artist. You are as amazing when you write as when you paint..

  18. An artists life is indeed good. I have always counted it a blessing that I have the ability or gift if you will to see beyond what I find others seem to miss.
    Love the horse miniature.

  19. Wonderful post and a great remainder! And the painting is as gorgeous as Golden himself!

  20. So. . . this is a test. . . Any previous commenters out there ever come back to read this and see if I reply? I know I haven't been very good about that, but I'm going to try and do better!





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