Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dragon vs. Heffalump SOLD

Dragon vs. Heffalump
6" x 6" watercolor

I had to paint the Heffalump again*. He's starting to act a little diva-ish, demanding that I paint him. Even when I told him I was going to put him in a face off with this fierce dragon, he still wanted to pose.

I don't think he realized what he was in for. I mean look at that face! So clueless, so trusting. Poor little guy.

But I must admit that I underestimated this little Heffalump. In a classic case of the victorious underdog, he defeated the dragon. Killed him with kindness I guess you could say. Well not really killed since the dragon did live to see another day, but a defeat just the same!

They seemed to reach an agreement without having to exchange blows (phew! I did not want to explain to my son why his Heffalump was suddenly sporting a black eye. . . or worse). Heffalump said he would not give Dragon that cute look anymore as long as Dragon promised to end his evil-attempted-maiden-eating days and use his mighty powers for good instead.

 Dragon agreed. . . somewhat reluctantly. :)

* A few side notes about this painting:

1. I am a sucker for dragons (expect to see a little more of this guy).

2. I am also a sucker for a good vs. evil story. Especially when the evil one decides to fight his dragonish (vampir-ish, Severus Snape-ish, zombie-ish, etc.) ways and chooses to be good.

3. I've been struggling with feelings of inadequacy with my paintings lately. It seems like everything I touch just doesn't measure up! *Sigh* Frustrating and demoralizing is what it is. I thought a fun little painting might help with that. :) I know this will pass, it always does. Nevah give up! Huzzah!  

Have a great loooong weekend everyone. :D 


  1. this is incredibly cute - and Crystal, it brought a smile to my face! :)

    lovely piece of art xx

  2. Crystal, I am almost always in a state of feeling inadequate with painting! Your dragon and heffalump painting is SO cute, and SO well painted - what more can I say? HUZZAH ... HUZZAH!!!!

  3. Crystal, I think you're on to something with these adorable paintings. I love that there is a story aspect. Painted brilliantly. I love the little bits of white showing through the background and the shadow of the Huffalump is gorgeous. Love it!!!

  4. I absolutely adore capture him so well. No, never give up, but you make all your work look so good how could you possibly have any doubts.

  5. So cute, Crystal...and the story too. I think the secret of defeating a dragon is to stand in the bright sunlight and cast an ominous shadow. The dragon thinks there are two of you and is intimidated (if dragons can be intimidated). Remember you are an awesome artist.......always!

  6. Both the painting and the story made me smile. Always a good thing, that.

    The feelings of inadequacy? They're just in your head. Ignore them (but it's still okay to have a few cookies ;)) and they'll go away.

  7. Incredibly cute! A very happy painting. I Love Heffalump!

  8. #3? Really? Cause you're so pro. I love how you paint!! it's always glowing and beautiful and full of life. huzah!!!

  9. ROFL again.. YOu write just so well too. And this painting is so cute. Look at those two. Just pure AZUMNEZZ. And the colors mixing into one another on paper just goes to tell so much..

  10. I love and second what Carol Blackburn said -- incredibly cute painting! Looks like you are on to a secret -- successful little paintings when feeling demoralized. I also think you set the bar very high - mark of a true artist and a pro :)

  11. Hi,Crystal,
    Very nicely done, value and colours are interesting. Your post is humorous and lovely. Thank you for sharing them all.

  12. LOL sometimes I think I am a dragon the way I hoard books! But this time I am putting my money on the heffalump.

    As far as #3, Shame! Shame on you!!!! You are very talented, and I think it is awful how you are your own worst critic!!!! Bad! Take it back!

    Ricki Jill

  13. Totally understand the feelings of self-doubt but this is incredible, Crystal! Simply wonderful, gorgeous with a sweet story to it. I think this is one of my favorites of yours. xoxo M

  14. It appears Crystal that your Heffalump quite famous and truly becoming fancy. Pretty soon you can start writing a book with your own illustration.
    I love how you put the inadequacy thing. Sometimes we just need to have a little pity-party but not for long. And paintings are not machine. They come from the heart and practice.
    I keep telling myself too: Never give up and Universe will provide. And it works, yes, it does! I am surprised each time it happens.

  15. This painting is so gorgeous! And what a fun narrative! You should write childrens books :0)
    You of all people should never doubt your talent - People aspire to paint like you! :0)

  16. I love it. The shadow is lovely and the whole thing just makes me smile. I love both your heffalump paintings - what a fun, unique subject matter!

  17. Just too darn cute, loved the story, you should write a story book and illustrate it!

  18. All artists go thru that. (Not the dragon thing...the inadaquecy thing! LOL!) Your work is amazing. I wish I had some magic words that would take that away, but I don't. Oh, and I'm a sucker for a good vs. evil story too!!! (As long as good wins!!!)

  19. Crystal, this is gorgeous and rich and so well done. I can't believe you doubt your skills, I think you are sooooo talented!

  20. I've been gone for the month of August, so I'm glad to be catching up on your paintings. Good to 'see' you again!

    PS Did you get my email about getting together at B&N?

    Have a great week! :)

  21. nice to meet you Crystal, thanks for the visit. you have lots of talent for watercolor, keep the pedal to the metal!

  22. this one is special cyrstal the heffalump :)


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