Friday, September 14, 2012

Of portrait drawings and pirates. . . savvy?

graphite portrait study
not available
Earlier this year I got to work with this beautiful model. I have lots and lots of paintings planned. :) So many that I kind of get overwhelmed at all the choices in front of me you know? But that's a good problem to have I think. Don't you?
I really enjoy drawing faces with glasses or earings because they act as sort of a built-in grid. And they're fun too.
In other news, did you know a very important holiday is coming up? That's right. It's one of my favorites. National Talk Like A Pirate Day. :) On Sunday Sept. 16. To help you land lubbers prepare for this important day I'm providing this very helpful tutorial on pirate speak:

If you have young kids you've probably heard it a time or two. :)

And Talk Like a Pirate Day just wouldn't be complete without some sort of a tribute to the best pirate ever. THE Captain Jack Sparrow:

Heh heh. Best Pirate ever. :))

See you next week everyone! Savvy love? ;)


  1. What an amazing portrait this is. Even with this the light is just awesome. I can feel the light here.
    And you really have that pirate thingy you are talking about. Thats crazzzzzzzzzzzzy.. :) And I could not watch the first video. But aye..Capt Jack Sparrow is the best.

  2. A very nice drawing/sketch and it reminds me that I really have to start to sketch. One learn so much about a subject by doing that and that is visible in your art.

    Have a great weekend

  3. This is a gorgeous portrait. How do you go about getting models? I try to snap photos here and there, but I do it kind of sneakily, and never get the lighting or the angle that I want.

  4. A BEAUTIFUL portrait, Crystal!!!. You captured her wonderful expression. You know how to use those pencils!!!!

  5. Lovely drawing Crystal. And lovely best pirate ever. I'd like to do more than just talk pirate with that scallywag :-)

  6. I'm glad you have a good supply of inspiration at hand, cause I love to see you create. And Jack's the best pirate going!

  7. ARRR ... ye scurvy lubbers!!! just practicing :)

  8. Wow! Awesome sketch. Wish you a happy pirate weekend. Is one also supposed to dress up on the lins of Jack Sparrow? Sure must be fun!

  9. haha! I'm another lover of ITLAP day :)
    I'm coddling me cuttlefish in preparation! :)

  10. Awesome sketch, must really do some sketching, just too busy painting!
    Shiver me timbers a whole week-end of pirate speak, got the parrot too?

  11. Wonderful portrait, is a really good job, happy week! :)

  12. An amazing portrait Crystal. I love the highlights in the hair and the strong darks. Happy pirating. ;)

  13. We don't have that day over hear. I bet the kids love it!
    It's a stunning drawing of a beautiful model. I'm not surprised you want to paint her - she is a beautiful lady :0)

  14. Ha Ha Me Hearties! Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Run.

    Nice drawing, Crystal, looking forward to the painting!

    Steady as she goes now Cap'n Cook!


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