Monday, April 8, 2013

Haven - SOLD

'Haven'  SOLD
5 x 7 inches oil on masonite panel

For a while now I've been wanting to paint a series of girls and horses. A reflection on my childhood and teen years I guess. And somehow when I was searching for photos of girls and horses I found this one of a girl cradling her dog (Italian Greyhound I think). They both looked so completely content. So safe and secure. Although the title could refer to the dog wrapped in the girls loving arms, I think it also applies to the girl finding a haven with her dog. At least, that's how animals have always been to me.  A refuge and a safe haven from the world.

In other news this weekend was cold and grey, but our family got to spend all of it together! We went to the park so the kids could drive their RC cars, but we also ended up doing some exploring. Littlest Cook started making his own little rock collection after finding a small abandoned gravel pit, and all three kids came home with pockets full of rocks. We saw a herd of newborn calves and momma cows (including a darling pure white calf which I will be painting), and a ginormous beetle (which I may be painting as well).

It was such a great weekend, I was sad to see it come to an end, but happy for the memories we made. Until tomorrow my friends. :)


  1. Simply Outstanding Crystal, such incredible color, light, value, and such a sweet expression on the little dog. One of your finest in my eyes.

  2. Great painting,capturing the delicate love between a child and pet. I am sure it will be sold very soon!I always love your use of warm and cool colors, even though it is very subtly done in this one.

  3. I like this one, especially the dog, the painting is rough but sensitive at the same time. Great work.

  4. Just wonderful Crystal!!! as always. beautifully done. the pups ears with the light showing through is stunning, lovely face, so soft, such a touching painting!

  5. You have totally captured the feeling of both of them believing they are in a safe place with each other's company, and being totally content with that. Is it not easy to do given the girl only had a back pose and her posture to show that, and the dog pretty much had to be captured with the expression in his eyes... Great one! This is the one I like most for all the paintings you've done this year -- and I love quite a few of them very much!

    It is also fun to know that I am not the only one searching internet for good reference photos as starting points -- I do take my own reference photos but in the case I want to paint a snowy scene or an owl, I just do not have the resource to take the photos myself... :-P Lol

  6. Une grande douceur mêlée à de la tendresse...
    Un très joli duo. J'aime également la lumière qui vient les caresser.
    Je me réjouis que vous ayez passé un excellent week-end en famille... Tel le Petit Poucet, vos enfants sont rentrés avec des petits cailloux !! Vouliez-vous aller les perdre dans la forêt ?!!!... sourire !
    Gros bisous

  7. Thanks for sharing with us, Crystal. Sounds splendid. I love how your paintings seem to show an aura around your subjects. Intentional or not, it is really cool.

  8. The painting is SO beautiful! I'm loving all the red hair that you're painting at the moment! And those family times are just so precious aren't they? :0)

  9. LOVE this painting, Crystal!!! I love the way the dog nestles on the girl!!! Yesterday, I picked up my dog from a shelter...a sweet little girl (Italian greyhound/chihuahua mix)
    2yrs..1 month old..she's amazing and I'm so happy that I saved her life!! I didn't want to get a puppy when there's so many dogs who need homes. Again, this painting is wonderful!!!

  10. Very nice! And this is an Italian Greyhound! I Have two of them and I've painted them a lot too:


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