Monday, June 24, 2013

Last Minute Adjustments D is for Dancer -SOLD

'Last Minute Adjustments' 
5 x 7 watercolor on paper SOLD

The next one in my alphabet series, D is for Dancer. Last year me and several other local artists hired this ballet dancer to model for us. I did some quick charcoal sketches from life and took lots of photos to paint from later. And I am just finally getting around to painting them. All that detail in her tutu was a little intimidating, but I am really happy with how it turned out, even if it did take me forever. I thought as you grew older you were supposed to become more patient, instead of less??

This was my favorite pose from the bunch of photos I took. I love her graceful back and gesture. And of course, that full, colorful skirt. :) 

In other news. . . 

This is Fenrick*. I found him this weekend curled up in a corner of my watercolor box, whimpering about being lost. I don't know how he ended up there, or where he came from. . . or even what he is. He looks a little bit like a mix between a lemur, a sugar glider, and a. . . cute monster maybe?? 
In any case, in the short time since Fenrick has joined my family he has proven to be a very useful pet. He likes to sit on my shoulder while I paint, whispering encouragement, and suggesting paint colors. He's quite the little muse and takes his job as such very seriously. He only takes a break about every 30 seconds or so to scamper down  my arm and take a nibble of my cupcake before climbing back up to his post.  Which means that I eat less cupcake, but I'm willing to take that one for the team. It's worth it for all the inspiration this little guy is bringing me;) 
*Fenrick is made entirely of colored polymer clay with just a dab of white acrylic paint for his eyes. He's the result of this weekend's dragon day.


  1. Gosh, I don't even know what to say about this Crystal! You nailed it. This is just beautiful...the glow is really spectacular. Her back, her tutu, her hair... : ) And isn't Fenrick the cutest little muse. And very sweet of him to be so helpful! I wonder what E will be?

  2. What an absolutely stunning painting!!! Her tutu is superb! I think this is the most striking and beautiful painting you have done yet. As for Fenrick, he sounds like the perfect muse. :)

  3. Totally enjoying your alphabet series, Crystal. And, Fenrick is so adorable. Do you have a calling as a sculptor?

  4. Bonjour chère amie,

    Il faut parfois laisser mûrir les idées ou les photos avant de peindre... Cette dernière peinture est la preuve que cela valait la peine d'attendre. Une très belle oeuvre. J'aime beaucoup la lumière qui éclaire son dos.
    Un très joli travail avec son tutu...

    Fenrick a une belle frimousse. Il apporte un large sourire sur mon visage.

    Gros bisous à vous.

  5. Love the dancer - and Fenwick is adorable :)

  6. What a splendid piece! You've captured the essence of the dance in painting, simply perfect. And I'm thinking I need a little dragon muse too, he is so cute, love him!

  7. I like this ballerina, she is subtle but bathing in a lovely light, well done.

  8. This dancer is beautiful, Crystal..another favorite!!! I love her tutu..!! and her BACK!!!
    you're good!!! and of course, Fenwick is adorable!

  9. Lovely painting and I'm in love with Fenrick! :-)

  10. The lighting in this painting is incredible, ma'am. The painting is beautiful.

  11. Also, it'd be awesome to have a pet like Fenrick!

  12. this is just beautifully awesome crystal!! i love it, very dramatic yet ethereal! and fenrick?? oh my, make dozens and sell them. i need one for my shoulder, think he'll like chips and dip? seriously!!

  13. Oh my goodness I LOVE the dancer. So gorgeous! I love your use of bold light!
    Love love love.


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