Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So Studious

'So Studious' 
16 x 20 inches
oil on gessoboard
private commission

Finished up painting number 2 in my commission series of portraits. I am really happy with his face. I think I captured something special there. But I'm not sure what. . . What does that say about me you think? ;)
I miss daily painting, but still have found it difficult to get much painting done lately. So far, my weekly goal to post once a week has not come to pass. And. . . I'm okay with that. For nearly 4 years I have been diligently posting and painting, mostly to fill this blog. And I feel like it's okay, more than okay, to slow down now. 

Maybe I should have done so sooner. There are more important things in life after all than paint and brushes. I worry that sometimes I get too caught up in the day to day 'have to's that I lose sight of the big picture. 

My children. Growing before my eyes. My littlest is in kindergarten now and it was just a few weeks ago that he clung to me and didn't want me to leave him when I dropped him off in the morning. Now he runs off with a wave and a 'bye mom!' shouted over his shoulder. 

But that's the way it's supposed to be. I'm glad that he's happy and secure enough to know that I'll come back for him. 

But still. The shift from being the center of his little world, to not so much anymore is hard. But I know that this too will pass, and soon I'll be okay with it. After all, I know he'll always be my little boy, my best friend. He whispers it to me every day when we hug goodbye. :) 

I'll post when I can again, but not sure when that will be. Hope all is well with you good blog friends. Sending hugs and cupcakes your way. 

Mood: Contemplative
Listening to: Hurricane Bells
Reading: The Monstrumologist
Watching: World War Z
Snacking on: chips and my mom's homemade salsa
Drinking: ice water


  1. Bonjour ma chère amie,

    Je suis heureuse de découvrir cette dernière peinture. Un portrait vraiment très beau et serein.

    Je comprends tout à fait ce que vous écrivez et ressentez concernant vos enfants... Il est difficile de se détacher d'eux et pourtant pour leur bien-être c'est nécessaire.
    Ils seront toujours dans votre coeur et dans le leur.
    Les miens sont grands à présent et je souffre toujours de leur absence.
    Je sais toutefois que si je ne reçois pas d'appel téléphonique c'est que tout va bien, mais c'est tout de même difficile.
    Ils ont pris leur envol... La vie s'écoule trop vite. Profitez des doux moments de partage que vous pouvez encore avoir avec eux. Ils sont précieux.

    Parfois moi aussi, je me dis que de publier un nouveau billet chaque semaine me prend beaucoup de temps. J'aime aussi découvrir les publications des amis blogueurs et cela aussi prend un certain temps !
    Peut-être que tous les 15 jours serait mieux...

    En attendant de vous revoir ma chère, je vous embrasse amicalement.

  2. You deserve to take things easy now. Painting should be a pleasure, not a chore and daily painting can leave you burnt out anyway. I can't tell you how much I love this painting - it really is particularly special. The person who commissioned it must be overwhelmed by it! You really are in your own league - There is nobody who paints portraits like you :0)

  3. Family comes first, Crystal and we all understand!! This painting is absolutely flawless...I love it ... the dark background makes this little boy pop right off the page and your client will love it. I only have my hubby home...
    so I try to do all my computer work and paintings in the morning and afternoon so when he comes home I take care of him...after all, they need attention as well.!

  4. We may be at different points in the journey, but I so get your heart expression here. Oddly enough you go through the same thing as your grandchildren grow up :-) Life rhythms echoes in our art rhythm as well. This latest piece is something special

  5. How sweet! I think he is contemplating his answers on the paper. I bet your client will love it.

  6. Really, really beautiful Crystal. So well done and as always, gorgeous light.
    Loving your shows on AHA too - You're a great cohost and your calm personality is a nice balance with Leslie's. :)

  7. Hi Crystal.
    Your commission is superb!!! It looks like he is pondering much more than the paper in front of him - very profound look!!!
    It is great to have you posting, but I agree, you really need to get things back in perspective. I think some of what you are feeling right now came out in the portrait's expression.
    Love to you and your family!
    Kathryn XX

  8. Another stunning portrait from the brush of a master. beautifully done. and one thing we can count on is change. change is how and how often we work and certainly change as the little ones grow. i'm not a mom, to human babies anyway and mine will never go off to school, but i can imagine how watching them grow up and go a little further from your side must be difficult. lots of changes going on. hang in my friend. we're here for you always. i hope everything goes well for you.

  9. Fabulous painting, Crystal. Some thing special captured, indeed!
    What you do you do brilliantly and we have been lucky enough to share your journey on your blog.
    Am enjoying your co- host shows too.
    Wishing you only the best with many thanks for how you have enhanced my art life.

  10. Stunning work all over again.. You always capture something special. Not only this.. All your works have that something special..

  11. Oh my goodness, I don't even have the time to read your post yet, which I will most certainly be returning to later, but I just had to congratulate you on this piece - it's so wonderfully beautiful - the light is so expressive and the colors so pure - it's très magnifique my friend! Can't wait to come back later after I get some time in on my own works so I can read up on all the posts I've missed of yours recently. So excited for that!

    1. Haha, replying to my own email feels strange, but I finally got the chance to read your post and I found it sadly beautiful. I'm dreading those years of sending my sons off to school - the changes it will bring into our lives - the changes it will create in them. I love that you've chosen to spend some time on the fleeting moments of love and childhood that last for only a second before they're gone and then they become like a quiet whisper in your ear - sweet, delicate, special, memorable, and just for you.

      And you're right, like I said before, there really is something very special in this portrait - it seems you've captured his personality in paint, and even though I obviously don't know him, this painting makes it almost feel as if I do. It's very impressive.

      I hope you find your extra time to be every bit as precious as you hoped it'd be. And just so you know, I'll be expecting that cupcake you promised soon... ;0) Lol!

  12. Love the angle, love the pose, love the expression, love the title... pretty much love everything about this painting. :)

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