Monday, March 13, 2017

The Sunny Spot, and a balancing act

'The Sunny Spot'
6 x 6 inches
oil on panel

So much of our every day life is just trying to keep everything in balance. Don't you think? Balance with work, family, hobbies, kids activities, school work, church work, yard work, house work. It's so tough to keep it all together. And I don't think any of us really do. Some do it better sure, but no one has it all together, as much as they want us to believe they do through social media posts.

The last few weeks my family has been really sick. My dad had surgery. And my sweet old dog, Chauncy is nearing the end of his life, and so we have to decide when to make that hardest decision that will separate him from us forever.

So my mind. . . it's been everywhere. My heart has felt so heavy. I'm not trying to sound like my life is terrible, because it's not. I feel so blessed to have the life I do. Loved ones that care about me, a warm comfortable home, and plenty of food to eat. But still. . . it's been tough, and I'd be lying if I said otherwise.

During this time of stress and sadness I've let a lot slip. But I've maintained as much as possible two things that help me feel balanced even in stressful situations.

Fitness. And Art.

I think we all have those things that clear our mind and rejuvenate us to tackle the day. And even if it seems selfish to take time to do them, we HAVE to. Otherwise there is nothing left of us to offer anyone else.

At the end of a long week of being a caretaker to many sick people and a dog I finally entered my studio. Turned on the lamp. Laid my brushes out carefully. And I painted. It lasted about 15 minutes. But it felt so good and restored something in my soul I had felt was missing that long week.

Art is so much more than just paint on paper. It is so much more than a profession. It is a balm to my soul. And I think that too often we forget that as we chase after professional goals and personal ones too. It was a good reminder to me. Hopefully it was to you too. When was the last time you got to do what rejuvenates you when you really, really needed it? I'd love to know.


Watching: The Walking Dead
Listening to: Nirvana
Reading: Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay
Drinking: water
Snacking on: protein bars (G2G are my fave)


  1. I'm so sorry to hear you are having such a tough time at the moment. Fingers crossed all the sickness will be behind you soon... And I really feel your pain regarding Chauncy as you know. Heartbreaking doesn't cover it. You are right, it is really hard to spin so many plates and we have to decide which ones to hold on to sometimes. I only wrote a blog post myself on time management a couple of weeks ago, so it's a problem for most artists I think! Of course we can't believe social media really... It's mostly make believe... When I say that, I mean that most people only put their best foot forward, post their successes and their achievements, which is only natural, but we don't see the stress behind it all, rather like a duck swimming on a pond; you see the calmness on the surface but not the legs flapping about furiously underneath! Painting is such a therapy isn't it? Over the years, for me it has progressed from a serious hobby to an absolute necessity! You painting is just exquisite, as they always are. You are just a master at this.

  2. Another CC Classic; you really excel at animals and children ... but a puppy will always raise an Aww!

    Sorry to here of all the stressful times. Life is a roller-coaster ... you just pray that you get more ups than downs. Hang-in there the good times are never far away


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