Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"My Next One Will Be Great"

work in progress untitled
colored pencil 8x10

     I am really enjoying working on this colored pencil piece. I think it's going pretty well, but it is taking me forever, and I am not a very patient person :) The watercolor on the other hand is not. Sometimes I look at it and I think "It's ok, it's coming along. I see promise." And then other times I look at it and want to shove it under my bed where it can never be seen or tear it up into little, tiny pieces and set them on fire. I am just not feeling it, and I have to feel it or else it just doesn't work. I painted it specifically for a UWS show this Saturday that was on my list of goals for this year, but it's just not making it. So feeling frustrated, kind of a lot. Not that I want to dwell on negativity, but it's a little discouraging when you start a piece with a vision in your head of how it's going to look and then you paint it and. . . . Nothing. You have no idea how to fix this mess you got yourself in. Ever felt like that? I hate it, I feel like that way too much. Not just about painting but other things too.
    So what I do when I feel like that is pull out my notebook that's filled with quotes by artists and authors that I admire and flip through it until I find something that speaks to me. And I always do it never fails. Hopefully you like quotes or you will find this blog very boring :) Today I found this by John-Seerey Lester an awesome wildlife artist:
     "When people ask me which of my paintings is my favorite, my usual answer is 'my next.' If we as artists achieved exactly what we wanted each time we would never progress. Don't be despondent. Always think positively. 'My next one will be great.'"
     That is what I'm telling myself today. I'm putting "Peek" aside for now, I'll probably come back to it later, but for now I'm going to keep working on my colored pencil piece and start something else in watercolor. I have one I've been wanting to start for a while. But I need to find something else for this weekends show, I'll have to go through my stuff and see what will work. I am making that goal, you hear me? Hunting it down with an elephant gun (that was for you Maggie if by some chance you are reading this:))
     Here is one of my favorite paintings I did last year.  It's not my "next" Mr. Lester,but I'm still working on that. I just looked at it again the other day and well, I just really like it. It's my boy, that's why.

"Far Away"
watercolor 10x14

     So, what do you do when what you're working on just doesn't seem to be "working?" I love to hear tips about perseverance :)


  1. I am blown away by your art. Truly.

  2. When I seem to be in a slump I take an hour to myself...(which is very rare with 3 kids), make a cup of chamomille tea and regroup. I envision what I am trying to create and the way I am going to acheive it. Sometimes I need a little extra help so I go roll around on the floor playing games with the kiddos. After all they are my true inspiration. And if you must know sometimes I put on my ipod and crank it up to michael jackson or cyndi lauper. I am an 80's baby after all. I dance until I can't breathe. It clears my head and I can think again. Hopefully this helps. If all else fails I go check out your blog which has inspired me greatly these few weeks. I wish I had your gift with words. You are truly amazing at what you do. I love to hear inside your thoughts. You are my only sister and I love you. Remember your greatness.....

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog!!! I love yours, the art is gorgeous!!! I've been writing since I was young, around 9, but I have gotten serious over the last 8 months, I have just had so many ideas that it's all about getting it on paper! I love comments and opinions so thank you!!!

  4. Thanks so much everyone :)

    Anissa you are just awesome. I really enjoyed your marshmallow post, you are a great example to me that we can do things even if they seem difficult.

    Jenny Lee, loved your advice about what you do, I can just see you dancing your heart out to MJ, you are fabulous and I love you too big sis. You inspire me so much every photo you take has so much heart in it and you are gifted at capturing light. Love your thoughts.

    Jen, you are a talented writer and I love hearing about your work :) I'd love to hear about all your ideas too.

    Welcome Little Flower, thanks for your kind words:)


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