Monday, November 8, 2010

Of horses, haircuts, penguins and lemurs

8 x 10 watercolor

A very early equine portrait, I think this was actually one of my first. But I still really like parts of this painting, especially the colors. They're very clean and true and I remember really striving for that. Isn't it fun (usually) to look back at your early works and see that it wasn't as bad as you thought it was?

Which brings me to Motivational Monday: 

I caved. *


I put it off long enough.

One too many kind-hearted, good-intentioned, but-rather-misguided grandmotherly types told me how darling my little girl is.

That's right, LITTLE GIRL.

So, you see that clearly I had no other choice. *hangs head*

And so. . . I present to you. . . Samson's almost demise

There may have been some dissension in the ranks. A haircut was seriously going to cramp his style.

However, I don't think it's entirely because of the haircut. It may have something to do with those creepy little penguins on that smock.

See? No more penguins, no more tears.

Apparently the loss of his hair has not completely affected his charm (unlike poor Samson). He was still able to score that awesome sucker.  

Motivational Monday Tip Of The Day: It won't be as bad as you think it will be. Send in that prospectus for that major art competition, talk to the gallery owner about hosting your show, be brave, go forth and conquer! Huzzah!

And if you fail this time, try again. A few tears never hurt anybody.

Penguins on the other hand. . .  Well, I have no guarantees with penguins.

Cute and cuddly boys, cute and cuddly.

Lemurs, however, are entirely trustworthy.

 But that's a post for another day. 

*The post in which I finally cut my two year olds hair, to my utter dismay.


  1. Great post Crystal.. Just loved your kiddie's expression. After the haircut he seems to have grown up.. All ready to impress girls. :)
    And I think that horse is just great. Your signature style is just awesome.

  2. your post made me smile - but I must say - The Penguins Were Framed!
    They are quite cute, really! :)

  3. I did laugh at this post! I remember the two things we could only EVER do when Charlie was asleep - One was to measure his feet for a new pair of shoes, and the other was to get his hair cut! He HATED it! I remember also feeling really emotional when the kids had their first ever haircuts too. I kept a lock of hair both times :0)

  4. HaHa! My kids never grew much hair, so when I caved because someone said my little BOY was cute, I got her ears pierced. She cried too, and I still feel guilty.

    Hey, I once worked in a zoo and took care of the lemur cage. They were fun to be around. They like grapes, so I know they're trustworthy. :)

  5. concepts hard to accept : trusting our instincts, and change - aren't they? Great work Crystal.

  6. adorable. Look at the smile, so precious.

  7. Oh, Crystal you did it!!!! I still haven't had the courage to get my little guys hair cut and we get the little girl comments all the time. He does look adorable after the cut. Great motivational post, you are right most times we are our own worst enemies. Love the horse painting and it brings your point across so well. I have done that many times, gone back and thought, hey that's actually pretty good. Thanks for the laugh today:)

  8. What a great post! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Crystal. LOVE your post today! The pinto painting does have a lot of good points; your color and shadowing technique are great. And "Samson" looks adorable with his new "doi"!!!

  10. Great post, great way to record the events of your sons life. Very handsome! Nice first painting, we are our own worst critic.

  11. Wonderful painting! Your son sure is very cute, and I am sure he has loads of attitude too! ;-)
    Best wishes.

  12. Oh, before and after photos. So precious and funny (after the fact I'm sure).

    So is this where I'll find you from now on? No more posting on the writing blog? I feel like I miss you all the time!!!

    Glad to see you are still posting! I need to pay more attention! I saw you were going to participate in Christine's blog fest as am I so I'll see you around the bend!

  13. What a hilarious post! Love the penquin comments. Your little man looks very handsome. It is quite a milestone when those first curls get cut, isn't it. I love your painting. I agree, the colors are terrific.

  14. Loved this are a brave mom.


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