Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tricks and Treats - SOLD

Tricks And Treats
7" x 9" watercolor

Lately I have had a big fascination with shiny or reflective objects when it comes to painting. It all started with that dang glass of apple cider I did. I had SO much fun painting all the different colors and details. There's something kind of magical about really seeing what happens to shiny stuff (for lack of a better word) in the light.

I wanted to paint something Halloweenish (have I mentioned that Halloween is my favorite?) so I spent some time in the candy aisle looking at all the fun treats. And, lo and behold! I found these pretty little foil-covered chocolate bars. Which I then stacked up next to good old Jack here to find some kind of composition that caught my eye.

When I saw those little spots of reflected color on that silly looking pumpkin I almost did a villainous laugh. Seriously. I was pretty happy. The only problem with this painting? Painting the candy before the four menfolk (and one womanfolk, who has a serious sugar weakness) in the house ate up all my props/treats!

Now,  onto some random Halloween fun. :)

Favorite Halloween movie: "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", or "Igor" (which technically is not a Halloween movie, but, it has Igor's in it for goodness sake! 'Igor!!! Pull the switch!!!' :)

Favorite Halloween book: Nevermore by Kelly Creagh (Edgar Allen Poe spookiness abounds!) or The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancy (very, very creepy, in a good way)

Favorite Halloween treat: My mom's popcorn balls. She makes these to-die-for super soft and gooey, buttery caramel popcorn balls that are totally worth all the stickiness you WILL get on your face after you eat one.

Favorite Halloween song: Thriller by Michael Jackson of course. :)

Favorite Halloween costume I've worn: For the last two years I have been a pirate because at least one of my boys has been too and it was fun to be pirates together. Also, because then I can channel Captain Jack Sparrow who is the best. pirate. ever. Savvy love?

Feel free to share your favorite's with me in the comments or in your own blog post and I'll come check it out!

Have a great day everyone. :)


  1. I like! Very much. I can smell the Halloween candy ; ) Great palette. That tablecloth is so effective and I like the flames in the background. I don't know if that was there or invented, but it is the perfect foil.
    Your list highlights all the great stuff about Halloween. I used to love watching "It's The Great Pumpkin..." every year - it was so exciting! "This is Halloween" from The Nightmare before Christmas is pretty cool too.

  2. This is damn cute.. I am still laughing.. It may be a little too early.. But still have a freaky Halloween :)

  3. Crystal, it's brilliant! You have captured the fun of Halloween in your painting. I imagine you and the boys must be getting quite excited!

  4. So cool Crystal! Just so very cool, gotta tweet it, have the spookiest Halloween dear!

  5. Love, it!!!! I just love your Halloween paintings, you can tell that you love it! What a great pumpkin he is delightfully fun:) Just love the whole thing, oh and you can send me one of your Mom's popcorn balls in the mail, I'll be waiting:))

  6. What a delightful piece. I love the way you've worked with the reflective areas. It looks like you're going to have to replenish your treat stash for the trick or treaters. I'm waiting until the last minute to get my stash as it wouldn't last long around here.

  7. Oh wow, I just LOVE your halloween posts! What a gorgeously atmospheric painting! And I love the orangy glow in the background! It's put me right in the mood for Halloween :0)

  8. My mouth is watering looking at that candy! And what a great pumpkin, (Charlie Brown). Love it!

    My fav: Almond Joy because this is the only time of the year I indulge in those.

  9. Une table fort festive... Je sais que chez vous c'est une fête importante...
    Vous avez parfaitement bien saisi les sachets de bonbons... ne seriez-vous pas une grande gourmande, dîtes-moi!
    Les jeux de lumières sont excellents.
    gros bisous et bonne fête à tous

  10. Brilliant painting. Has me smiling - that pumpkin is a babe :) xx

  11. What a great painting, as someone else said, you've captured all the fun :-)

  12. Great painting Crystal . . . it exudes spooky fun! :)

  13. Great Halloweenly atmosphere. I want that candy!
    The reflections on foil and the light on pumpkin are delicious.

  14. Brilliant!, Crystal. It really invites to play and finish with all your sweet material:) amazing pumpkin, spider web patterned fabric, the background lit by the fire ... all great!

    Have a great haloween full of tricks!

  15. BEAUTIFULLY painted, Crystal!! Unfortunately, I would eat the props before the painting is finished!! Thriller was definitely my favorite! Still is...!! I had more fun with my kids growing up at Halloween time. My Mom would buy my sister and I candy for Halloween since we weren't allowed to go trick or treating..!!! Bummer!

  16. Great achievement Crystal! Love the reflection of light :)
    Happy Halloween,

  17. happy Halloween, nice write up! love the palette...


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