Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swishy Hair Sketchbook Saturday

teen girl caught mid hair flip
prismacolor in my sketchbook

There's a park close to my house that is one of our favorites. It has a duck pond, two huge playgrounds, swings, one of those metal merry go round death trap things (yay. . . said no one ever), endless grassy fields and trees, and something that really appeals to me, le artiste, a high school just around the corner.

There are endless subjects for smitten paintings and other great figure paintings. Which is something I really want to focus on more, even though I find it challenging. It's hard to focus on detail so much in my close ups and then switch to the bigger picture and suggestion for figure paintings.

But I'm working on it.

I loved that I caught this girl flipping her hair around to impress the boy who walked along side her. Heh. That's so something I would have done too.

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. Wow, what a super swishy sketch!

  2. It's gorgeous! The light is amazing, even in a sketch! So, will you be painting it? I think it would be beautiful! The 'Smitten' series is sort of creeping in to landscape too, right? It's the beautiful sunlight that draws me to your figure paintings and the vibrant colours :0)

  3. The perfect place for people watching, great fodder for your portraits! Love the flowing hair and the story to go with, LOL

  4. Wonderful sketch, Crystal...!!!

  5. I do remember those metal merry go round things when my kids were growing up in Massachusetts and I totally agree they are a death trap. I saw a child fall off and slide partially underneath one. The sacry part was it wasn't on even ground, and if he had slid under the "low" part his legs would have been crushed. I am amazed they still have them. We don't seem to have them here in Maine.
    Love your sketch by the way.............:)

  6. Your story is as much fun as the sketch ;)

  7. Tell me about it. Making a move towards figure drawing is extremely challenging. The body in motion in tangent with the head, takes a lot of studied effort. This one would make a great painting. Your heads are great, moving on to the full figure is the natural way to go.

  8. The moment must have been over in a flash yet you've captured it perfectly. Fabulous!

  9. This is what an great idea to develop your Wall Art Pictures. Thanks for sharing this pictures here. So happy to find your stuff.


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