Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No Concept of Personal Space

'No Concept of Personal Space'
6" x 6" oil on masonite panel
$65 plus $7 US shipping, or $20 International

Anyone else have a dog like this? Up in your face all the time, with their nose touching yours? Climb in your lap all the time (or try to)? Yeah. Me too. But when your dog is the size of a small pony (ahem, Giant Schnauzer anyone?), unlike this darling little Pomeranian, the concept of personal space becomes a bit more of an issue. :) 

I really wanted to paint this image of this little dog with his big eyes and huge nose, but I was worried that it might be too hard because of the foreshortening and camera distortion from the photo. But when has that ever stopped me before huh?

Nevah!! Never I say. What is the fun of being an artist if you don't push your limits every once in a while?

And I think this little pom turned out pretty dang cute. :) 


Tomorrow I'll be posting about what I've learned in the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. This is me warning you to prepare thyself as it might be a long post. :)

Reference photo by The Classy Kat, thank you!


  1. Crystal, he is adorable ... AND in your face! :) He is so well done!!! Big HUZZAHS to you!!!

  2. A big huzzah! The Pom is soooooo cute.

  3. Crystal so cute! I love your work as always! I hope you will come and visit!

    2013 Artists Series

  4. Not a fan of small dogs, but this is really well done.

  5. Love this doggie! My small Chihuahuas are very much the same. Great painting! I am also doing the 30 in 30 and learning a bunch about becoming loose and free. Thanks!

  6. Oh I know that look! Brilliant painting :)

  7. "pretty cute" is an understatement Crystal, it's the cutest thing ever, oh·those·eyes!!

  8. Great work! Looks so much like my Chihuahua....I am a small dog lover. I look forward to your assessment tomorrow....

  9. This is adorable!! He is the cutest!! Oh those eyes... *sigh*... How do you do that???
    Codi used to think she was a lap dog - even though she was as tall as a Labrador! :0)

  10. This is SO beautiful, Crystal. Many years back I had a dachshund that was always "close" to my face and I really miss her...Love the cropped version..

  11. Well done Crystal-you're right about that foreshortening issue when doing a dogs face-very tricky

  12. All of your work is wonderful but this little portrait is so intense it stopped me in my tracks!


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