Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cougar Kitten Sketchbook Saturday and some randomness

prismacolor on sketchbook paper

Just a little cougar kitten sketch that I did back in June. :)

Do you ever feel so excited to paint that every minute away from your easel (table, desk, what have you) is kind of torturous? I kind of feel like that right now.

I think I'm starting to get the hang of these oil paints (at least a bit), I painted my first portrait with them the other day that I'll post on Monday, and I can't wait to paint another one!

And then I have all these watercolors drawn out and ready to paint, and of course a colored pencil portrait in the works, three new commissions of darling and beautiful animals to start. . . . Who wants to vote to add more hours into the day hmm?? :)

And I found this quote the other day by Julia Cameron that I thought I'd share (I already shared this on my Facebook page so sorry about that if you've already seen it) because it seemed to fit my feelings of trying oil paints for the first time:

"Remember by being willing to be a bad artist, you have a chance over time to be an artist, and perhaps, over time, a very good one."

I love that. There's nothing to be gained by an artist who doesn't take risks and try new things. Constantly exploring new subjects and media is what keeps me inspired and I know if I keep doing that I'll be able to express the deepest feelings of my heart. . . But perhaps badly at first. ;)

And I can't leave you guys without sharing this pic of me with a streak of pink oil paint that somehow ended up in my hair. At least it washed out. . . mostly. :) I've always wanted pink hair anyways.

Huzzah!!! :) For pink hair!!! :)


  1. So good! You captured the kitten face so well! And gosh, you are a busy lady!

  2. The kitten is so cute!! It's hard to keep in mind that once it grows up, 'cute' wouldn't be the best word to characterize it :)
    Whoop for pink hair and Whoop for oil paints that made you happy!!
    Warm regards.

  3. Cute cougar, huh!
    Bet the teenagers would love it. They think you are one cool Mom. And, they'd be right! Huzzah!

  4. Hello Crystal:) The pink in your hair is lovely!! Everybody can see you're an artist. Very handy:)
    24 hours in a day more would be nice. My days are always to short too.
    That quote you shared is beautiful but I think my life is too short for the third....
    I love your little kitten, so nice! Have a nice weekend!

  5. Hi Crystal, love your cougar drawing. Have a great weekend.

  6. Say they charge good money for that pink steak effect, here you found a way to do it on your own! Love the expression you captured on this big-little kitten. Sounds like you are in a great creative space right now, enjoy it, looking forward to seeing your oil painting. As always, love my visits with you, they give me a lift!

  7. I can relate to your post today crystal, my daughter is showing her horse this week, and I am spending a lot of time sitting, and waiting. Miss my art room and my paints. Not quite brave enough to sketch with so many people around. Really want to enjoy the time with her and friends, but seems strange to not paint for so many days :) look forward to seeing all the works u have in progress!

  8. Huzzah to pink hair, roses, sketchbooks and itching to paint -always :)

  9. You are such an inspiration with this wonderful post, Crystal! This baby cougar is beautifully sketched! I think we all feel the same as you as far as missing our art room....we all have that passion!!

  10. Be fearless...great sketch. Can't wait to see the new oil portrait!

  11. Great sketch. The quote is beautiful and so meaningful too. You are in a great phase as regards your art, makes me a little jealous ;)
    Best wishes,

  12. Firstly, that cat is beautiful! It is just a wonderful drawing - love it!!
    Secondly, I also wish for more hours in a day. It is Sunday and I am working. In fact, I will be working most days for the next couple of weeks without a break, to cover a colleagues holiday. Though I wish I had some time to paint, recently I have had a proper confidence crisis. I got a real bashing from a couple of people via email and it actually reduced me to tears :0(
    I have to say that you could not have shared this quote at a better time - I was almost ready to throw in the towel! When I do get the time to post, I hope you won't mind me sharing it too? Thanks again - this quote might actually have made the difference between me never drawing again and carrying on :0)

  13. I love the sketch. I love the quote (as I prepare for my oil painting workshop). I love the hair. I wear Dioxinine in mine.

  14. Crystal, love the cougar sketch! I know what you mean about being away from your easel. I had an art show to get ready for last week, so my time at the easel has been sparse. I am so ready to get back, but my house is in complete disarray from neglect. Must drink coffee!! Congrats on the commissions! Love the quote!!

  15. Love your sketch. And I will give a most definite"YES" to more hours of daylight and summer!!! LOVE the photo of you with your pink hair - I don't seem to get paint in my hair, but manage to get it all over my shirts. :)

  16. I am still laughing at those pind strands of hair your are showing off so proudly. After seeing your acrylic works I am sure your oil work is going to be phenomenal.
    Loved that quote you shared and the sketch too..

  17. I love your sharing of sketchbooks, and nothing is more delightful than getting a sneak peak into another artist's treasured sketchbook! The kitty's innocent eyes (it's a big cat indeed...) is a true kill ;-)

    I also want to thank, thank, thank you a thousand times -- I just made my first etsy sale this morning! And it is all because I followed your advice, researched the seller's hand book and put a sweat to promote my shop in teams and treasuries... If not for you, I would have stumbled in darkness in many, many, many months... Crystal, you are the best!!!!

  18. Pink hair! I had white blotches in mine the other day and thought of taking a photo of it...but never did...must rethink that next time it happens...and it will! : D

    Have been following your career for a few years now...I know you work hard at your art and it shows! Congrats!


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