Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Alpha - original wolf drawing

6 x 10 inches
colored pencil on toned paper

I have always been fascinated with wolves. I read White Fang and The Call of the Wild so many times as a kid and teen that I could quote passages of them to people who really, probably didn't want to hear it. But good literature should oft be quoted no? ;) 

When I was in high school I did my senior art portfolio test all about wolves. And all of them were painted with instant coffee and water on brown craft paper, and all of the poses were very stereotypical, slavering mouths agape, and chilling, predatory eyes burning in the night. Those art examiners ate my quirkiness up let me tell you. ;) 

I've since learned more about wolves, and how much of their interaction is very gentle, like a loving family and a parent who sometimes has to put their kid in a timeout. I feel like it's kind of a responsibility for animal lovers, especially wolf lovers, to not promote the vicious animal stereotype that surrounds them still, so now I try to portray them in times of playfulness, or love. Like this one. I love that calm, tolerant expression of the wolf who's getting chewed on. :)

In other news, I finally made a cute little clay pony that I'm really happy with and I'm putting her in my new Etsy shop as a made to order option for anyone interested. :) 

Listening to: 'What Happened to Goodbye' audio book
Watching: Merlin 
Snacking on: mini Snickers bars
Drinking: coconut/lime diet Coke

Reference photo of the wolves by Bob Haarmans, thank you!


  1. Your pony is so sweet. I hope you get lots of good response on Etsy.

  2. I completely agree Crystal - I feel the same way about sharks! The wolf drawing is so beautiful! I'm glad you finished it :0) It's lovely when you get lost in a drawing isn't it?
    And the teeny-tiny horse is so cute!! No wonder you sold it! :0)

  3. Love those books too, the wolf captures our imaginations and spirits somehow, you've done them proud with this piece. And I love your new little buddy, I'll be watching for your new ponies, I just know one of these little fellows is my muse!

  4. Your wolf drawing is beautiful, Crystal.! I love the sepia effect...and love their expression. A perfect reference picture for this drawing.!! and the pony is adorable!! SO
    well done...

  5. The wolves are great but the pony is just out of the world !!! Awesome is the word.

  6. Love the wolves, you are so talented whatever medium you use!!!


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