Thursday, July 11, 2013


7 x 10 inches watercolor on paper
not for sale
Earlier this year I took my son out for the day. We went to the book store, hung out and had a treat. Then we drove around looking for a good spot to take some pics for paintings. We found this winding road with an old twisted tree in a pasture with a white horse under it. You can bet I'll be painting that in the future. 

But what I really wanted was to paint a portrait of my boy. I haven't painted him for a while and I was so surprised to see how much he had grown up since I last painted him. Painting this one really tugged on my heartstrings. Kids grow up so fast don't they? It was like I was trying to put his younger features on his older face because I was used to painting him that way, as a younger little boy. Is that weird? 

In any case, here is H for Hoodie, continuing with my alphabet series. :D
In other news, I also decided to open up an Etsy shop for my little clay critters that I've been making. And I started a facebook page. So my good wonderful friends. If you want to come like me, you'd really make my day. :D You can click here to see it. 
Reading: The Unwanteds
Listening to: AC/DC (yeah baby)
Watching: Supernatural (surprise surprise!)
Snacking on: apple slices with peanut butter


  1. This is a super painting! I love those strong, beautiful eyes and the way you have used blue vs orange to accentuate it. :)

  2. Este retrato es FASCINANTE! Pura luz y encanto!
    TE FELICITO. Es una verdadera obra de arte!.


  3. You should be pleased with this, it's a beautiful painting! Love those eyes.

  4. Gorgeous! I can feel the love of a parent in this. Wonderful!

  5. Amazing painting, Crystal!! He's such a good looking boy and you painted him beautifully! I
    love how the light is hitting his face and his expression....LOVE IT!!!!

  6. It's so nice that you have painted him again - And it is a wonderful painting, full of light! It will be lovely to paint them all as they grow up at different times of their lives. What beautiful keepsakes they will make :0)
    As you know, my kids are 21 and 16. The eldest has flown the nest and the 16 year old is shaving. Gaaagh! How did that happen???

  7. The glow is very interesting. Beautiful portrait of a beautiful boy. The glow, I'm sure, is from your heart and your pride.

  8. As always, a beautiful post and a perfect painting!!!
    I feel exactly as you described, seeing my niece and nephew growing up. I am working on another portrait of Paulina, and it is so difficult to put together the button-eyed baby with cheeks that were like a chipmunk to the beauty she has become. :)
    Thank you, Crystal.

  9. Very nice, and as usual- glowing and light!

  10. I actually thought of the same thing as soon as I saw this. Kids grow up so fast. :)
    The way you work with pure colors is just amazing. SO much of light and life there..
    p.s. Apple with peanut butter!!! Thats new for me. :)

  11. This is one of your very best, not only because of your incredible skill and ability but because of your post and what his features convey. you've captured the feeling of losing the little boy and gaining the young man. And wow! they do grow fast, in my minds eye I see a little boy! Beautifully done my friend, as always and such a lovely touching Mother's post! Bravo!

  12. Gorgeous painting, such feeling in it! You've captured the light brilliantly.

  13. You always manage to instill such vibrant colors in your work. They almost glow.

  14. Crystal...your boy is so're so lucky to have such a model. And, this painting is wonderful. The glow is stunning...I love it.

  15. he will love this when he is older crystal...just brilliant crystal ....all the best with your new playful little clay critters .

  16. Stunning photo of a beautiful boy. My little guy is roughly the same age - so this is particularly poignant for me. You are a very talented painter!


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