Thursday, April 8, 2010



10 x 14 watercolor

      I think I could have done a lot of thigns better with this painting. But here it is. Some things I really like. Like the background, and her eyes and the skin tones I think are okay. But other things well, could be better. But I'm posting it anyway. I think I'll try this one again, I don't think I really captured her. Try again, that's the name of the game right? And no discouragement! "My next one will be great. . . " says John Seerey Lester. That's what I think every time I finsh a painting!



  1. Crystal - I think it's great. And I love her hair. And yes, the thing about thinking your next piece will be great - I think the same thing. Tomorrow is always a chance for redemption : )

  2. Beautiful. The light is fantastic and I love the hair and the soft background. I like it but I completely understand your feeling that you have not captured her right. To me, this is a perfect portrait and is ready for the price tag.

    But if you aren't satisfied you might as well have another go at it. Your next one sure will be great. So get your brushes wet and show the result to us :)

  3. I can't believe you guys said you like her hair! That's the thing I don't like. Hmmm. . interesting.

    Kim, thanks so much. Yes tomorrow or for me I guess it would be tonight, a chance for redemption!

    Thanks Sujit! You're so nice to me :) I think I will try another one of her, but not for a while. I need to finish up my other one and also am starting a new drawing today! I'm excited to start this new one.

  4. Very sensitive drawing and painting.

  5. It's really striking. Absolutely perfect I think. I can't believe how quickly you can produce these paintings! You must have a paintbrush glued to your hand!

  6. I personally think it's beautiful and I love her hair too.

  7. This is great already.. Next painting surely would be greater..

  8. Looking at your earlier work, I can see why you don't like this one! But its beautiful in itself,the skin tone is great, and the expression is great, don't fret! Will wait for your next painting:)

  9. I think this is so neat and beautiful.Are you saying better next time ?This is what every artist feels , and I think that is what keeps us going.I just like the way you paint.

  10. Thank you Becky! I'm so glad you stopped by :)

    Thanks Michelle, you're very kind:)

    Thanks so much Sandra! It sometimes feels like that, I only paint at night, so I don't sleep much :)

    Thanks Catie you're the best :) :)

    Thanks Prabal, yeah I'm thinking the next one will be better too! :)

    Thanks Arti!

    Rishi :) :) thank you. And that is exactly what keeps us going right? I think that's one reason why I paint portraits, I love the challenge of getting it right. And I love the way you paint too :)

  11. My google reader showed "I'm out (for now)" but it looks like you removed that post? I'm sorry you guys are so sick. Miserable!

  12. Your work continues to amaze me Crystal. So fresh and vibrant and the subject matter so well contrived. Just great work

  13. Oh my gosh I've missed so much! Your pieces are amazing!!! I love this picture!

    I wonder what she's thinking...


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