Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Work in Progress, and Wednesday question

work in progress
10 x 14 watercolor

      My good friend Catie, who has a running blog which is fantastic and you can find it here, told me that she likes seeing my works in progress. So here is what I'm working on now. I took this picture a few years ago at a stallion auction, and this horse was gorgeous!! He was solid muscle and he moved with confidence, like he knew he was really something. The only thing I wish had been different was the light, it was an overcast day, and I was hoping for full sun. But, oh well. I love the line of his neck it seems so graceful to me. And his kind expression.

     All right here's the question people!! I know you're so excited right? (he, he) I think the power of blogging is in making connections with people you wouldn't ordinarily get to meet. So this week's question is simple, but fun. Tell me something about yourself, any fun fact you want. It can be as simple as your favorite food, or your favorite band (Muse? Yes!! 30 Seconds to Mars? Yes!! I knew we were going to be great friends!! *wink*). Or anything else you feel like sharing. Now don't be shy, you can even tell us something embarrasing if you want. Here, I'll go first.

      I am kind of a major dork in the fact that something I love to do is go to the library. I am always on the hunt for my new favorite book. And I always take my kids, there is this one library really close to us that has awesomely fun toys. So they really like to go. Usually. A few months ago I took my two boys, the oldest was in school, and we were looking around, when my baby who had just started saying words, did not want me to hold him. AT ALL. Now the word he really liked to say right now is 'ow' or 'owie'. So, when I did not put him down to wreck havoc on the poor library he started screaming 'OW!!!' very, very loud. I don't think my face could have gotten any redder. So many people were looking at me as I wrestled this screaming infant, and all I could think to do was just hold on to him and make a quick exit! I kept saying "It's just his favorite word, I'm not hurting him honest!" I thought I was going to get turned in for child abuse! Not surprisingly we quit going to the library as much after that. :):)

     Okay, your turn :)


  1. Cute story! I'm interested to see the watercolor in progress. It already looks good.

    Hmmmm... a fun fact about me? I am teaching myself to cook authentic Indian food. I've been watching videos on YouTube and bought some great Indian cookbooks. It has been really fun and rewarding.

  2. Okay..Good that you asked some specific questions.. My fav bands are.. Indian Ocean, Pink Floyd, Led zep, Metallica, GNR, Aerosmith, Creed, Pearl Jam, RHCP... Oh sorry I was asked to name just one I think.. :)

  3. I like your work in progress --I can already see those beautiful muscles!

    And a fun fact about me --like you I love visiting libraries (yes, I am member of three neighboring city libraries -LOL) and I love library book sales :)

  4. Hi Crystal,
    Love seeing works in progress and this one is on it's way to amazing. As for the fun fact....hmmm, I'll have to think on that one. I'm such a multi-faceted woman and I don't like talking about myself. Really!

  5. LOVE the work in progress!
    Hmm... something about me. Well, a relative, way back when, was Stephen Moylan who was Gen. Washington's aide de camp during the Revolutionary War. My grandfather was named after him.

  6. Today was the time to enjoy your blog and liked what I saw. Congratulations.

  7. Great start in the painting! I love everything about art, probably too much and neglect some of my other responsibilities. My kids call me a goober instead of a dork. I love doing crazy things.

  8. I love the paintings you do with horses. They remind me of the old days. Ha haha I remember that story well. Silly baby ;) Something not many people know about me is..... I don't know. I'm pretty much an open book. I love a good yard sale though. The challenge is in the hunt and find!!! He hehehehe Keep up the awesome job. You are quite the blogger. Love to read it every day. It frequently makes me smile. :):)

  9. Hi Crystal! First let me say how incredible each piece is!! Bright Eyes and Forever are breathtaking as is the beginnings of your work in progress. Oh my the chocolate in Forever reminds me so much of Devlin the Wonder Dog. We lost him last August and I'm only now coming around to accepting the pups into the space he left in my heart. Just amazing work. You're handling of watercolor is among my favorite. Your work bring me joy and I love it's quiet brilliance.

    something about me? i've always wanted to be a musician, more than anything else, even art and i have huge feet.

    paint on!

  10. Crystal, I absolutely love your watercolor work. Everytime I visit this blog I am further amazed by the beauty you capture. Wowee!
    Okay, something about me - There aren't many things I'm super skilled at, but there are LOTS of things I do kindof well, like singing, playing the piano and guitar. I have mad observation skills and can pick up on the feel of things although I stink at knowing what to do about it. Hehe.

  11. Ah Crystal - it's going to be a beauty!
    As for a fact...hmm...I tear up waaay to easily. Sappy bits in movies are a given, but even notes, children singing, and commercials : O (I didn't used to be *that* bad ; )

  12. Hi Crystal,
    I am sure its going to be a great painting.Its already looking good!
    And the story about your library trip was amusing-kids sometimes create such impossible situations:)
    The fun fact about me...I can't drive a car! On my first attempt at driving alone, I scraped the passenger's door of my husband's car badly and he made a big joke out of it!After that, I have this fear that if i drive, I will hit sombody or somebody will hit me!So I just let it go..and let hubby do the chauffeuring!( If you knew how the traffic moves in New Delhi, you would understand my point!)

  13. I love that you show your work in progress - It allows us to see how you would go about it and how you get to the finished result.

    Facts about me: I am terrified of wasps and scream at the very sight of one! But I absolutely LOVE sharks and would love to swim with Great Whites - without a cage!

    Love your story! Kids are born to embarrass us Mums - Still we get our own back when they are teenagers!

  14. Love the stallion, can't wait to see when it's done!

    Interesting fact about me: I turned off my cable a few months ago and only watch the shows I want to watch on Hulu and Netflix when I have the time, so now I have even more time to do what I love, plus I don't have to watch a million commercials....but I never watch the news now, so unless its a top headline when I sign online, I don't have a big idea about what is going on around the world.

  15. Ooo! I'm already anxious to see the end of this one! It's like reading a good book! You're left hanging with nerves anticipating when you can read the end!
    My family is notorious for tripping and falling....and guess what? It passed down the genetic line. (Well acutally I really don't think it's genetic, but it sure runs high in my family! Especially the women :)) You leave a sock in the middle of the hall, my little toes will certainly find it and trip. Ha.

    Ha, that reminds me of when I was a teller still, I was wearing these cute flip flop shoes and it was a super busy day, I was hurrying back to the drive up because I happened to be the only one there, and to this day I have no idea how I did it, but I tripped!!!! Right in front of everybody!!!! Ha ha, how would it be on to be somebody on the outside watch a girl suddenly disappear with a scared crapless look on their face, then suddenly appear with a embarrassed look on their face... ha ha ha ha ha.


    Now that I wrote my novel, I think I'm done :)

  16. Your watercolors are terrific, besides I see you practise the most dificult theme, the portrait. I'll visit your blog frecuently to try to learn something from you.

  17. Very good work and if going to the library is dorky, then what this country needs is a lot more dorks!

  18. Beautiful! Gosh, you're talented. I wish I could draw but I'm useless in the regard.

    Hm, something about me...I used to be able to walk for at least 30 metres on my hands! Sadly, no more.

  19. Michelle, thanks! And that is so cool, I love Indian food. I think I've had authentic, there's a great little place around here that claims to be authentic. But I wouldn't know any better :) You'll have to share your favorite recipes!

    Great picks Prabal!! I love Led Zep too.

    Thank you Meera!! That IS just like me, I belong to two neighboring city libraries! :)

    Thanks Carol! It's hard to talk about yourself isn't it? But I find it a lot easier when I'm not face to face with someone, hence the blog :)

    Thank you Jennifer :):):) And that I think is the coolest relative fact I've heard in a while!

    Thank you very much d'Morais!

    Thanks Susan! I do the same thing, neglect things like um the laundry. What can I say I HATE laundry. HATE IT! Don't worry we always have clean clothes, that doesn't mean I have to like it! And I would never call you a goober or a dork :) he, he

    Thanks Jenny Lee :):) Ah, yes the old days. Good times those were! I miss those days sometimes. You are the only person I know who finds really GREAT stuff at yard sales. I always just find junk. Seriously. And thanks for the blog love, that means a lot sista! You are awesome:)

  20. Suzanne, thank you, thank you, thank you for that wonderful compliment. You caught me on a really down day and just touched my heart. Thanks friend :):) I'm sorry about your Devlin, that is one of the hardest things. You want to be a musician more than art?! That's awesome, paint on indeed!! Huzzah!

    Thanks MT! Really mean that friend :) And I think you must be super skilled at lots of things. being a great friend, and writing are two I am sure of. Mad observation skills? Awesomeness. You are the female Sherlock Holmes then right? He, he, he:)

    Kim, thank you very much friend :):) You cry too much? Me TOO!! What the heck? Were we separated at birth ;) he, he.

    Thank you very much Arti! And that is a very fun fact about you, but that's probably because i can relate to it. Because I do know how to drive, but I hit things. A lot. I did the same thing you did when I first started driving. *cringe* :)

    Thanks Sandra!! :)
    That is the most intersting and kind of hilarious thing I've heard in a long time. I love Great Whites too, they are just fascinating! But swim with them?!!! Thank you, but no :) You are one brave woman :) I want to be there when you do that k?

    Thanks Rachel! That's cool about the no commercials! That drives me insane, but I don't really watch a whole lot of tv, like you. No news? Me too!! It's too depressing :)

  21. Thank you very much sweet Catie!! Oh my gosh that is so hilarious!! I do the same thing! I am so clutzy, remember that time we were running and I tripped over my dog and totally fell in the middle of the road? Oh friend, I bet you were embarrased, but maybe not, you're so confident! And I enjoyed your novel very much :)

    Thank you very much Julian. I think the same thing about your work :)

    Thanks Nick!! Yes, you are right! Bring on the dorks!!

    Hello friend Talli!! So glad to see you over here :):) Thank you very much for the compliment :) Walk on your hands for 30 meters!!!! You are a multi talented woman!! Holy cow!

  22. Hey, I'm back in the blogging world. I love your WIP. it's beautiful! I think horses are gorgeous, but I've never ridden on one. Keep up the amazing work.

    Fun fact, I love to travel. Since Brian is in the military we had the opportunity to live in Europe for 3 years. The best time of my life, aside from raising my boys. We traveled everywhere. I miss it! We still have friends in Germany, so maybe we'll visit.

  23. omg YOU are INCREDIBLE. I've been browsing through your posts... absolutely amazing. I haven't jumped into painting portraits yet.. I don't think I'm that gifted. I'm more of the sloppy/skewed reality type painter. LOL.

  24. Hi Crystal.....just found your blog through Peggi Habets ( I think,,,was cruising a lot of blogs LOL). Love your watercolours. And I also lived in our local library growing up LOL Drove my parents insane, they were not much into reading. Our sons are grown but still live at home and at night we all like a mausoleum here sometimes LOL

  25. LOL. That's such a funny story. I need to make you one of my favorites. I love seeing your art! You are s talented.

    As for me...I am Stefanie. Catie's partner in crime with Run-On. If you already didn't know..I have an obsession with blogging. I really love to write, and run, and make crafty things! I know, you are so suprised, right? lol.

  26. Thanks Carrie! Glad your back in the blogging world!! And that is a very fun fact! I would love to travel, I've never even been in an airplane before, can you believe it?

    Thank you very much kristin! i think you should try portraits, you would do great! :)

    Thank you so much Micah! SO glad you stopped by! :)
    And I feel like that sometimes too!

    Hi Stefanie!! So glad to see you over here! Of course I know who you are silly! Crafty things huh? I bet they are beautiful!! :)


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