Monday, December 20, 2010

Jackson, and it's that time of year again. . .

'Jackson'  chocolate lab
8 x 10 watercolor

Jackson is my sister's dog. He died last year and it was heartbreaking, as it always is to lose a much loved member of your family.

She'd raised him from a teeny little pup and he grew up with her kids and was her husband's faithful hunting partner. I've painted him once before here, but wanted to do a single portrait of him as my gift to her.

So, here he is Jen. Happy Birthday. :) Love you.

Now, down to the business of Motivational Monday.

It's that time of year again.

That's right. It's time to make some GOALS. :)

You know how I feel about goals. Me and goals, we are like this *crosses fingers*. Tight.

I've been thinking about what I want to do in the next year with my artwork and really what I want is to take my artistic skills to another level. I want to stretch myself and do things that maybe I haven't tried before. New subjects, themes, media. Something like that.

That's the basic idea of my goals. I'm asking myself what will get me excited to create more art? What can I do that will bring me greater enjoyment as an artist? What will stretch me the most?

I want this next year to be fun and productive but, most of all I want to grow as an artist this next year more than I ever have before.

This is my challenge to you. Think of a goal for the new year and tell me what it is. I plan on 'formally' posting mine on January first, but I'm giving you a little peek about what's been on my mind so far.

Your turn. Let's hear it. You know you want to. :) 


  1. You made me cry :) I hurried to look and was awe struck! It is him in all his glory! Exactly as I always wanted to remember him. I am honored to have something so beautiful to remember my Jackson Boy. Thank you so much, you are a wonderful sister & I am touched. Love you :)

  2. Crystal, that is an amazing gift:) I teared up with I read your sister's comment. This painting will be treasured! Of course it is another extraordinary watercolor. You are amazing! I too am going to post my goals on Jan 1. But 6x6 daily paintings are definitely on my list:)

  3. What a touching gift and a lovely sweet painting. I just love your watercolors, you give so much depth to your art.

    Have a Wonderful Christmas, Crystal.


  4. What a beautiful gift! And I just realized that I had someone missed checking your last post -- You have indeed a gift of awesome talent - that you are so humble about! May you reach new heights with it in the coming year!

  5. What a joy to have the skill to give such a gift. Your work is beautiful! Looking forward to your personal challenge.

  6. You did a wonderful gift to your sister!
    Hello Crystal, I wish you and your family a merry christmas!



  7. Such a beautiful post, Crystal and a lovely painting for your sister. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas. God bless!

  8. Crystal es maravilloso este trabajo. Me encantan los tonos de pelo del perro, fantastica la maestria y paciencia al hacer este trabajo, saludos.)

  9. The painting is wonderful. I can tell Jackson was a special friend. Here's to having a productive New Year! Merry Christmas, Crystal.

  10. Crystal, the painting is beautiful. I love how you can just see the shape of the dog and I love how it looks like his coat just shines!

    I think I'll have to think a little while about a goal....I've been so behind on everything as of late and have been neglecting too many things! Maybe I should have a goal to stay on top of things! :)

    Can't wait to see what you have in mind.

  11. Crystal, this is just beautiful, love the background and the lab has that sweet lab expression, what a great gift to give.

  12. What a beautiful gift! Your sister is sure to treasure it for all her life. Jackson seems to be innocence personified. You have this knack of capturing expressions so wonderfully, just as you ahve done in "Please?".
    Best wishes,

  13. Crystal, you have truly captured Jackson BEAUTIFULLY!!! What a wonderful and loving gift for your sister. I think you have really gone a big step forward with this painting. Congradulations!!!

  14. Jackson's portrait is awesome. The background creates some sort of movement in contrast to Jackson's stillness. I am sure your sis's family still miss him.

    Coming to GOALS... OMG. I have hardly ever planned in my life. :)

  15. Wow, Crystal this painting is beautiful! His coat looks as though I could stroke it! Is it even possible for you to grow any more?
    My goal is to finish my watercolour course and get on to the acrylics section! That will be another year closer to painting what I please, when I please :0)

  16. Gorgeous painting of Jackson.
    I know it will be treasured forever and keep the light of his love burning in your sister's heart. xx

    Plans and goals? I don't make them any more, I am trying my hardest to trust the real Driver in my life. xx

  17. What an emotional story!! So happy to have read your sisters reaction!! He was a beautiful dog Crystal and you certainly captured his personality. If I can be nearly as good as you next year...I'll be happy!!

  18. Excellent painting, Crystal. And I can't wait to see what your new goal does for you this year. My new goal...I asked myself, "Am I the kind of person other people look forward to spending time with?" I'd like to pay attention and make sure people feel good when they are with me. :)

  19. This painting looks too good , Crystal.Neat work as usual.Wish u a Merry Christmas ahead.

  20. Excellent piece of art Crystal and a lovely gift for your sister.Congratulations and Merry Christmas!!:)

  21. your watercolors are beautiful. You really get the spirit of the animal or person you are painting.


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