Monday, December 10, 2012

Around the Corner

'Around the Corner'
5" x 7" watercolor on aquaboard (will not require framing behind glass)
$65 plus $7 shipping

Earlier this year me and my son (who's crazy about dogs) went to a dog show. His favorite part was the agility course and my favorite part was the cute fluffy dogs! I found this one spot behind the scenes where I could take photos without being noticed (or being in the way) and that's where I saw this lovely Golden Retriever girl.

She was getting all gussied up to go into the ring but she kept her gentle eyes on me the whole time I was there. And I wasn't exactly close to her either! I was using my long lens so I was pretty far away, but still she watched me. I wonder what she was thinking.

In other news, last Friday was my oldest son's birthday, he turned eleven years old. Happy Elevensies my sweet boy!

Birthday hugs :)

His requested birthday pie (apple of course), that's a lot of candles! I didn't keep track I just stuck a bunch on there to light that baby up! :)

We're full on in Christmas preparation mode around here. Brodie went out and bought some small trees for each of the boy's bedrooms and tonight Grandma is coming over to help decorate. So naturally I had to make a delicious and sugary treat to go along with the festivities. :)

I'd share but. . . well it's kind of hard to do that through a computer screen. But trust me it's delicious!! Have a great week all.


  1. You are the "Master" of dog portraits, Crystal. Beautifully painted...His eyes speak to me....and its hard to believe your son is 11 already! A very handsome boy..!

  2. Une très jolie publication... Je suis très sensible au regard que vous avez magnifiquement capturé de cette chienne golden Retriver... Une très jolie peinture.

    Un joyeux anniversaire à votre fils et hum!! maman est talentueuse sous tous les plans ! je veux bien goûter !...

    Gros bisous.

  3. Hi Crystal! Your golden retriever is luscious!! Her eyes are absolutely melted chocolate. :) And I wish your eldest a very Happy Elevenses!

  4. What a capture here ...those eyes of hers! Amazing work Crystal. Happy birthday to your boy! They DO grow fast!!!

  5. Lovely painting!
    My fave is the agility also :) xx

  6. Gorgeous painting Crystal, just glows.....

  7. You captured that intent look so beautifully, the light in her eyes just mesmerizes.
    Sounds like a wonderful evening trimming trees and a fun b-day!

  8. What a cute dog! He actually looks fuzzy! Happy Birthday to your son too, Crystal!

  9. Awesome painting! The doggies seems to be breathing! I hope Rye had a great birthday! The apple pie sure looks delicious! ;)

  10. This is a stunner.. I love all those warm tones everywhere. Yes that yellow.. :)
    I love apple pies too. Will you send me one on my birthday with many more candles than that.LOL. :)
    Happy birthday to eldest young cook.

  11. Beautiful painting, so soft, and those eyes, enough to melt any heart.

  12. Yup! You've got the very essence of Golden retriever to perfection, Crystal. We used to have one: "Mitzi." Now day or night ...or any other time :0) you never saw her without her eye-makeup on ... the eye-liner was perfect. 15 years we were blessed with her!

    We are putting up Christmas trees like mad!! Very shorty I will post our 'CHRISTMAS TALE of 10 CHRISTMAS TREES.'

    ELEVEN is not an age to be trifled with ... seriously growing up. Happy Birthday # 1!!

  13. That portrait glows,Crystal! She os gorgeous...I hope you have a great Christmas.cheers,

  14. Well a happy birthday to Mini Mr. Cook! And what a handsome little chap :0)
    The dog is just so beautiful! Again - you have me at the eyes! But how do you manage to create those soft fluffy edges with watercolour?

  15. adorable!! and birthday wishes to your handsome young man.

  16. Beautiful Crystal, my daughter wants a golden puppy, but she will be heading off to college in the fall, So no puppies for her...for now :) Enjoy this time with those boys :)

  17. Beautiful painting!! and happy birthday to your son. :)

  18. beautiful eyes ! ...looks good your apple pie ... hope your son had a great b'day crystal !


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