Wednesday, December 26, 2012

By Moonlight, Andalusian horse, and the best gift I've ever received

'By Moonlight'
8" x 10" oil on gesso board
$100 plus $10 US shipping, or $15 International

 “Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.”
― J.R.R. Tolkein    
When I started painting this horse I knew that I wanted him to look as though he was running by moonlight. I love the imagery of a white horse running through a dark field at night. Probably one of my leftover imaginings from when I was a horse crazy little girl.
After I had painted this I went to look for a quote about the moon, or moonlight and there were a lot of great ones to choose from. But when I saw this one I knew this was it. Because it's Tolkein, of course, and because this horse reminds me of Shadowfax. I thought it was fitting. :)  Reference photo by Seed of Beauty on deviantART, thank you!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great one and spent the day playing with new toys and games and eating too much Christmas candy (or maybe that was just me, tee hee).
And before I go I have to show you this amazing gift my husband and boys made me.

Brodie had the boys draw the first initial of their name and then carve it into some jeweler's wax, then he sent it to a jeweler to have it cast in silver. I had seen something similar online a few months ago, where the mother had a piece of jewelry that was her child's actual handwriting, and told him how much I loved that idea.

It is priceless to me. I couldn't stop sobbing when I saw what it was. I will cherish it always.

I seem to always have two conflicting feelings about motherhood, mostly I feel joy that I get to be a part of these sweet little people's life and watch all the new stuff they do, applaud their accomplishments, and watch them grow day by day. But there's also a feeling of mourning the stages they've left behind. No more babies to rock into the night. No more toddling fingers reaching for mine. So, to receive a gift like this, that captures them exactly, right now, means more to me than anything.

I love it. I love my family. I thank God for them every day.

Just wanted to share that with you. :)

Enjoy your day everyone, and stay safe in all this snow (for those of you who are getting it)!


  1. A beautiful gift from your family...Only one word that would be perfect ..and that would be "priceless".

  2. Fabulous painting, love the atmosphere, it's wonderful. What an awesome gift you received from your family, certainly a necklace to treasure.

  3. Crystal, that IS Shadowfax running in the moonlight!!!!!! Gorgeous painting!
    As for your husband's and boys' gift, that is THE most beautiful and meaningful gift ever! You are a most fortunate wife and mom. :)

  4. C'est un très beau cadeau que vous avez reçu ma chère... Je comprends le sentiment que vous ayez pu ressentir...
    Je n'aime pas du tout le mot "profiter", pourtant c'est celui-ci que je vais utiliser pour vous dire de prendre chaque seconde de cette vie avec vos enfants comme un moment très précieux, donc profitez !
    Merci de nous offrir cette belle peinture pour illustrer ma journée...

    Gros bisous et tous mes voeux pour 2013.

  5. Best kind of jewelry to receive-precious, as Gollum would say.

  6. How beautiful. I love the photo of your boys watching you open your gift. The look of joy on their faces is precious. Your hubby got a good shot!

  7. I love the painting and that gift is out of this world. What a unique and priceless treasure. Wonderful!

  8. This is such a thoughtful gift, you are a lucky woman, Crystal; but I also believe that you deserve it!Your paintings and your writings have given me much food for thought- I have learned a lot from you.Thank you for your friendship and wish you a terrific 2013!

  9. Funny you should mention Shadowfax -- I am just catching up on reading the good old Tolkin again this holiday season after watching the Hobbit! I am just reading the part of "Two Towers" that describes how he fly across the grey land of Rohan, and this beautiful painting just takes me back to that magical world, where heroic deeds and sacrifices are rewarded with great honor, and the kindness of the smallest type can in fact change the fate of the world... Thank you my friend, for sharing this beautiful painting with us!

  10. What a stunning painting! The wildness is just oozing from it!
    As for the gift - well that is just priceless. Something to keep forever and ever. What an incredible thoughtful present :0)

  11. We already knew that Chrystal:) And I am sure they love you too. What a precious gift. Your husband has good attention. He must be very crazy with you!:) Love the horse painting:)

  12. Oh my, that has to be the best present ever, a true treasure <3


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