Monday, March 4, 2013

Penumbra watercolor portrait - Framed - sold

'Penumbra' SOLD
6 x 6 inch watercolor on paper - Framed

I got this painting back from the Randy Higbee gallery 6 inch squared show on Saturday and I have to say that I am very impressed with their frames. It looks absolutely beautiful! So I'm offering it for sale, fully framed, at a low price for anyone interested. Because I think she deserves to be loved and appreciated and hung on someone's wall. :) 

Here's a couple pics of the frame:
 In warm light in my kitchen. 

 In cool light in the dining room. 

 And the back, because I thought it looked snazzy. Speaks a lot about their attention to detail I think. :) 

In other news, I also FINALLY updated my website! It's right here if you want to take a peek:

In other, other news, I got an email on Friday telling me all about Kindergarten round up for my youngest baby, sweetest littlest Cook. *Sniff, sniff* I don't think I'm ready to send him off to school just yet! What will I do without my little best friend around me all day???? *tears*

My littlest monster. :) 

Until tomorrow friends.


  1. Tu as bien raison de vouloir profiter de ton dernier petit bout avant qu'il n'aille à l'école !...
    Un portrait magnifique. J'aime ses joues et ses lèvres pulpeuses. Tu as magnifiquement bien travaillé la lumière qui inonde ce beau portrait.
    Gros bisous à toi et à ce beau petit...

  2. A beautiful painting and yes they did a terrific job on the framing. Entering the Randy Higbee 6x6 show is one of my goals for this year. Was this a good show for you?

  3. They do have excellent frames. Your updated website showcases your work beautifully.

  4. The painting looks so beautiful in that elegant frame - wow, what a great job Randy does! I do SO wish I could do the Higbee show - but of course I am nowhere near close enough to make that possible! And your website is just beautiful! Quite different to any I've seen before. It has a classy feel - not too fussy... You're way ahead of me! Did you just update what you already had - or did you go with FASO? I remember you were thinking of going with FASO which is what I'll probably do when I get enough work together! And I empathize with you about your youngest going to school. I cried my eyes out! If I had been painting back then, I probably would have been trying to focus on the extra time I had to do that rather than the fact I'd miss him so much! That seems like so long ago... Now Adele has left home and Charlie leaves school this year! Each phase has new good things that go with it though - in your case, buckets of extra painting time :0)

  5. Hi Crystal..this will be the second time I'm commenting, so if suddenly the first one appears, just delete!! LOL...I just had to tell you how wonderful this painting looks framed and how adorable your son looks...this is a great reference picture for a future painting!! Where did the time go...he grew up too fast!!


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