Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another work in progress

      Another work in progress. I'm going to finish both of these I promise :) Last night I went and did a demo for a local art group, and it went really well. I was of course, so nervous, and positive I would make a huge mistake. But I didn't, it was a lot of fun, and I'm really glad I had the chance to do it. It was pretty cool to be around people who were interested in what I do, to me it's just so ordinary. It's just how I paint, I don't think it's anything that someone else couldn't do a whole lot better. I've just spent a lot of time learning from a bunch of paintings I really messed up on :)

      This is what I did for the demo, a portrait of my middle child. It's still pretty rough, but this is how far I got last night, in about two hours. I told the group I would post the finished work on my blog so they could have a chance to see it, so I thought I'd start with a post of where it is right now. I'm at the stage where I'm still really excited about painting it and I can't wait to jump back in.

      Now, my good friends, we are back to our Wednesday question! And just as a side note, my feelings won't be hurt if you choose not to answer, honest :) No pressure, this is just fun socializing between bloggers. Here it is :
"When faced with rejection of your work, how do you bounce back to believe in yourself and your abilities again?"

      I think about this a lot. Because it happens to me a lot. Just a couple weeks ago, I received three rejection notices for art competitions I had entered within three days. That's one 'we regret to inform you. . . ' a day! Ouch. I try not to take it personally, because I know that jurors are under a lot of pressure to pick a balanced show from a variety of artists. And there are usually so many more pieces than they can hang, and there's a time limit. The list goes on and on. But still, ouch. I guess something that helps me, is to just remember that I paint because I love to, and that it's ok that not everyone likes what I do. Also I try to get started right away painting something else, something that excites me, that helps me feel better. And cookie dough, lots of cookie dough. And then running, lots of running to burn off all that cookie dough :)

      Now it's your turn, what do you do?


  1. Interesting question, but first of all I like as usual your work in progress. I don't feel too much anxious about my work, it's because last year was very worried with my paintings and in this new year I decided and promised myself, that to paint only was an entertainment.

  2. Hi Crystal - Your new painting is looking great. You do the eyes so well (and the skin tone and the lips and the nose, etc. etc....) I would love to take one of your workshops!

    To answer your question: No matter what, rejection always hurts. But when you think about how many paintings are submitted and that one or two people are looking through all of the entries and trying to decide, at some point the choosing must become pretty arbitrary. I'm sure some of the best artwork gets rejected merely out of art overload by the jurors. As for how to deal with it, I guess it would help to think about the times your art was chosen and won awards. Having blog followers helps, too. :-)

  3. Crystal,
    (jokingly) I've never been rejected, my dear. Of course, I've never submitted anything, anywhere and am always giving away my work. I don't think anything I do is really good enough to show anywhere. Oh sure, I love a lot of my pieces; but, they are for "me", personal stuff. I did put my painted folding tables in a Christmas art sale where the person in charge stated, "these will sell quickly, we have nothing like this." Well, they didn't sell; not even one. That was a pretty big rejection for me.
    I am just happy that I have folks like you to chat with about our art. Thanks for your friendship.

  4. Love your two new w i p :) --They are so fresh, clean and delicate! And the eyes are just full of life:)

    I think if i didn't have a blog, the rejections would hurt a bit! Having a place to share and exchange ideas has been so wonderful! :) Thanks for being a blog buddy!

  5. Hi Crystal,
    As for me, I will not think my work looks not good but I will think that they turn a blind eye to… I would try to have a positive thinking for myself and push forward to.
    However, it’s easy to say so but it’s such difficult to do it…
    My dear friend Crystal, I will keep my mind crossed for you always…
    Your works are fabulous and charm in themselves; I love viewing your work and admire yours too!!!
    With sincerity

  6. OF COURSE your demo turned out! How could it not?! Wish I could have been there - I'd love to see you paint in life. I find it so interesting to see how others lay there work down.
    This piece is already looking so lovely. And at a tough angle! You've got darn cute kids.
    As for your question, my husband basically recites his cheerleader-litany that he's told me 100x over and it always helps : ) And then I get help from my blog-mates : )) It's tough though, eh?

  7. See I told you you'd be fabulous!!! I love this picture of him. It already has a special feel to it. Cutie bug. Miss you guys :)

  8. Demos are fun.. I guess one does a bettter job in demos. It happened to me. I am hugely impatient which leads to putting color on paper before time. But in a demo I am also speaking. I am telling people that I must not put color before the first layer is completely dry and hence I dont. And because I am speaking what I must do and what I must not it guides me.

    Coming to rejection.... Well I have not done many shows.. So have not really faced the situation..

  9. Great question, Crystal. I have not answer as I don't enter juried exhibitions, or really any exhibitions. I do love your demo! You are one talented lady and apparently you make babies as well as you paint.

    Great post!

  10. Hi Crystal,
    It must have been great fun with the work shop, I could only imagine the excitement to do the portrait of your own child.. this is going to be an adorable work when finished, will check out for it.
    Expectations of acknowledgment and appreciation lead to disappointment, I have faced rejections many times and down the road have learned not to expect. So now it doesnt bother me anymore! Just now I have started sharing my work, if I receive appreciation I am happy, if not, it is still ok, at the end of the day I paint because it makes me happy!

  11. The painting is looking great. As for the rejections, I was feeling really blue about one until I became a juror. I juried a show with 2 wonderful artists and they made me realize what is involved and how difficult it can be to have 3 different people agree on what should be included. It can be rough but keep going! Look out AWS!!

  12. This is yet another beautiful painting in the making! As for your question - Well, nobody rejects my work as often as I do! It's quite an apt time to ask me this question actually; today I met an artist who wanted to look through my work. It was odd because the work I liked the most he couldn't see past the faults and yet the work I dislike he seemed to quite like. The thing with art is that everyone has different tastes. For example, I recognise the talent that Picasso and Matisse had, but their paintings are not necessarily to my taste! Some art would simply not look right in my house, yet I still admire it. I love looking at all types of art because it's all so inspirational. Obviously it's lovely to receive nice comments, but on the other hand constructive criticism and advice I will always be grateful of because it can only help me improve! I wouldn't have the confidence to sell or exhibit my art at this point in time, but who knows, one day...

  13. How inspiring, this painting is absolutely adorable!!

    I normally have the hubs read my work or a girlfriend I know that will give me good feedback when I need it. Yes there is still lots of work to be done but they give me what I need to get going and make those revisions!!!

  14. Three? That stinks. :(
    If someone tells me why they don't like what I do, I consider if it's true. If it is, I can do something about it - but I lose respect for them if it's done in meany-pants fashion. If it's not true, I feel sorry for them.

  15. Thanks Julian! And that is very wise advice, I keep telling myself that and then I keep forgetting :)

    Thanks Michelle! You are exactly right too :)

    Thank you very much Carol! And that is something I am very happy about too, I love talking art with you guys. Thank YOU for your friendship Carol :)

    Thanks so much Meera! I think blogging is so great for that reason, so many helpful and kind people all cheering each other on. I love being blog buddies with you :)

    Nureeya, thank you very much my friend! You are exactly right about the positive thinking, I think that's my problem I'm a natural born pessimist. lol! You are a great friend :)

    Thanks Kim! One day we just gotta meet you know? I think my kiddos are pretty dang cute too :)Blog mates are the best! And what exactly is your husband's cheerleader littany? I'm all curious now. . . :)

    Thanks Jenny Lee! You're the best! I miss you guys so much too, school's almost out and then we will hang by the pool (ahem, yours :) all summer long :)

    Thanks Prabal! you are so right about the demos, it really forces us to be patient. I'm not so patient either, that's been a hard lesson for me :)

    Thanks so much Carol! I sometimes wonder why I enter juried shows, but it's that darn signature status I'm coveting! :)

    Thanks Padmaja! It's not that I expect to get accepted, it's just still a bit demoralizing when someone tells you that what you have created from the depths of your soul just isn't good enough. I stopped expecting to get accepted long ago :)But yes, I completely agree with you, I paint because it makes me happy! Thanks for stopping by!

    Leslie! Thanks so much :) That's so interesting to hear it from an actual juror point of view. I can only imagine what a hard job that is!

    Thanks Sandra! That's very true, there are so many different tastes when it comes to art. Constructive criticism is the best, of course, anything to help us grow! And I think your work is very lovely :)

    Thanks Jen! That's awesome to have so many people to be on your side :) And I'm amazed at how you're rockin' those revisions! Awesome!

    Thanks Michelle, that is the best way to look at it I think. :) You are just awesome you know?

  16. Hey friend! How have you been? I have been going through a crazy schedule and haven't been able to sketch or paint or even look at the work of fellow bloggers.

    But I guess you have slowed down a bit too. Is everything ok ?

    I was telling myself - I am the one who's on a business trip. Why isn't Crystal painting ? LoL

  17. Hi Sujit! I thought maybe you were gone for good :) It's good to hear from you! But I'm sorry works keeping you so busy, maybe that helps the time pass more quickly though huh? I guess I have slowed down a bit, I kind of lost that spark for a while, I'm looking for something to inspire me again. Any ideas? Thanks for asking friend :)

  18. Hola Crystal, estoy impresionado por tus pinturas, son tan suaves y tan intensas que me parecen unicas.Saludos y enhorabuena


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