Monday, May 10, 2010

Work in progress

      Here's the latest painting I'm working on. Just a simple horse portrait, but the lighting was so beautiful. This grey horse was full of violets, blues, oranges and rose colors. I loved her, and the way she was leaning over the fence with the wind blowing against her. I wondered what she was looking for? It seemed like there was something over the fence she really wanted to see, but I couldn't see what it was.

      And just a quick shout out to my new followers! Hello! Welcome! So glad you are here! I'll be stopping by to visit your blog soon :) Also if you are following me and I haven't been to see your blog yet, will you leave me a comment so I can find you. I'd love to see what you're up to :)

      Have a great Monday everyone!

What I'm listening to: 'I'm Still Here' by John Rzeznik


  1. Can't wait to see your finished piece. You are off to a beautiful start. Can't get the song "Over the Rainbow" by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo out of my head. It really lifts the spirit. When I become a better artist I'll attempt to paint the rainbow that dropped right in my backyard last year. Couldn't grab my camera fast enought to take a photo but can see it in my mind's eye.

  2. Crystal - This is going to be stunning! I'm working on a horse painting right now, my first attempt at a horse.

  3. Thanks so much Carol! That sounds like a great idea for a painting, maybe you could try it out soon? You are a great artist, don't sell yourself short :)

    Thanks Michelle! Oooh I can't wait to see your horse! I really love the zebra you did :)

  4. Beautiful, Crystal. I love this. The lighting is spectacular. It looks like I could reach out and touch this lovely horse.

  5. Yet another masterpiece in the making! Stunning!

  6. really great use of whites Crystal. Another wonderful painting.

  7. Hey friend : )
    Delicate warm roses and golds melting into those cool blues and violets. It's already glowing. Can't wait to see what you have in mind for the rest of this piece. I loved the quote you mentioned to me from Les Miserables. Have a good evening Crystal!!

  8. Wonderful start Crystal! I love the glow you have created. White is such a difficult colour to paint... but his is looking very promising..... can't wait for the next step!!!!

  9. What a beautiful beginning! Your talent amazes me!!!

    Great song choice!

  10. Thank you very much Roxy :) I'm so glad you stopped by!

    Thanks so much Sandra!

    Thank you Gary! I usually really have a hard time with whites, but I think it's looking decent so far :)

    Hi my good friend Kim! Thank you very much :):) That quote is one of my all time favorites, it never fails to inspire me to be a better mom :) Hope you have a good night Kim!

    Thank you very much Debbie! And I agree, white is so hard to paint! I hope it works out :)

    Thanks so much Jen! I love that song! :)

  11. I love the colors from the light, very nice, can't wait to see a finished product!

  12. I think colors are going to do the trick in this one...Very delicate piece.Can't wait to see the finished version.

  13. Hi Crystal
    I love the colours and light in your new painting and will be looking forward to seeing it finished
    I loved and enjoyed your blog... the love of your family shines through your blog and your art pieces, your style is wonderful, and the light is everywhere.
    I also enjoyed your writing ... Hope your reach your five years from now goals

  14. You are creating a beautiful glow with this new painting, hard to paint a white subject.

  15. The horse was looking for a painter who could trasmit its power on a painting. It found him.

  16. I always enjoy seeing the work in progress before you finish. This one is really lovely. :)

  17. You love for horses come across in the softness and delicateness of this piece, Crystal. The serene expression in the eyes bowls me - look forward to the finished piece!

  18. Hi Crystal..
    I beleive this horse will work out well before long..., absolute she will look elegent with your brushworks!!!!!I cannot wait to view it:)
    Note : sorry that I'm late for this comment...Lately I had lots of busy days, otherwise, I would zipper into your blog!

  19. Thanks so much Rachel! It was a lot of fun to paint :)

    Thanks Arti! I think the colors are my favorite part too :)

    Hi Jamila! So glad you stopped by, and thank you for that very kind comment :)

    Thank you Susan! White is REALLY hard for me. I think it's going pretty good so far, now if I can just not mess it up :)

    Thank you so much Julian! :):):)

    Thanks Michelle! That means a lot to me :):)

    Thank you very much Roopika, I'm so glad you stopped by!

    Hi Nureeya!Thank you very much for such a great comment! :)And no worries about the commenting, I'm just glad you had a chance to stop by!

  20. Crystal,

    That is a great image, especially for a demo of but a few hours of work. Do you sketch and transfer a trace to the paper? Do you work from photos? Keep painting I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your art.

  21. Thanks Jon! I do a sketch first, and then I transfer it to my paper using a light box. I showed the sketch at the demo, if anyone wants to see that just let me know and I'll post it. And I do work from photos, I feel more comfortable doing that, and it's quicker for me :) Glad you stopped by Jon!


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