Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Progress, and you get to ask me this time

"My boy, in summer"
10 x 14 watercolor

     I finished the portrait of my boy, and when I looked at the two photographs (the one I posted last time and the new one) I couldn't see much of a difference in them. But in real life I could :) So here is just a close up view that I kind of liked. I didn't end up adding that much to it, I decided it was better left fresh. I just glazed some rose on the cheeks and some yellow under the chin.

     I am making some progress with my horse painting too. I think I can finish this one up tonight and then it's on to a new project that I'm pretty excited to start :) I have the drawing all finished, I just need to get the paper stretched before I can start. I love starting new projects :)

     This week's Wendesday question is going to be a little different. I thought it would be fun to turn it around and let you ask me a question this time. It can be about art or not, anything you want to know (of course I'm assuming that someone will have a question :P), and then on Friday I'll post the answer.


Have a great day everyone!


  1. Two amazing paintings. I always enjoy visiting your blog, your work is so peaceful and ethereal, I love it. I'm thinking of a question....let's see. Ok. how old were you when you realized you had a gift and how did it make you feel?

  2. Hi Crystal! Beautiful portrait of your boy, and I agree with suzanneberry - peaceful and ethereal. *looking up ethereal* Highly refined, delecate, heavenly. Yep, ethereal.
    Question: is there any one person who taught you what you know, or did you discover things by trial and error?

  3. brilliant finish crystal ...what will be the title of your your first book ?

  4. So soft and light! It exudes what being a young child really is! Lovely.

  5. I love the sparkle in the eyes! -they really shine with personality :) my question is - How much of planning do you do before you start a painting? How much time so you set aside as studio time everyday?

  6. Hi Crystal!
    Love, love, love. Both. But your son is just a beauty. I love your soft, "blendy" glazes. Lovely flow. You've got a way with skin.
    And here's my question (great flip BTW): which artists are currently your favourites - the ones that make you sigh with wonder, and inspire you? You know...if you got to browse in a book shop and purchase a few good coffee table art books. Who would they be of?

  7. Hi Crystal,
    your son looks smart...really nice light that you play with!!!
    I enjoy your paintings always...and enjoy your nice Wednesday post as well:) Regretfully, I have a weak in English langauge, otherwise,we would communicate each other in better way:) However,only one question that I would ask you; You were educated at university about art or whether you learn these paintings by yourself? No matter what it is the answer because your works are exquisite always!!!!

  8. Hi Crystal.
    As always your paintings are beautiful!
    Hmmm, well so many of the questions I would have asked have already been asked by everybody else!
    So, here's my question:
    You are dressed for a very, very important function - It's the launch of your new book. As well as photographers, many other very important people will be there so it's important to make a good impression. You are wearing a stunning and very expensive, cocktail dress with very classy accessories and even if you say so yourself, you look simply fabulous!
    Just as you are about to climb in to your taxi, your small child hands you a necklace to wear which he has made especially. It's made of giant sized dried pasta tubes, foil milk bottle tops and popcorn, all threaded on to a piece of florescent string! You know that your child will see the photographs in the magazine of you at the launch, so what do you do? Do you wear the necklace or not? Tee-hee! It's a bit of a cruel question isn't it? I know what I would do but I will wait for your answer first!

  9. Hi Crystal, you are really a perfectionist. I'm amazed the way you use so subtle color in a portrait and the great result that you get. Some day I'll try to do it.

  10. Thanks Suzanne :) Good question too!

    Thanks Michelle :):):) You're so sweet. Another good question!

    Thanks Jane, oooh you got me thinking!

    Thank you very much Karen!

    Thank you Meera! You guys are so great with all these questions, thanks! :):)

    Thanks Kim! Blendy is such a fun word :):) Hmmmm. . . I'm thinking!

    Thank you so much Nureeya, you are so sweet! And I think you do very well with your english :) Good question too!

    Thanks Sandra! And what a question!! :):) I want to hear your answer to this too. :)

    Thank you very much Julian :) I'm borderline obsessive with the perfectionism, I'm working on it :):)

  11. Beautiful paintings! You are just beyond talented! My question for you; Do you have a favorite painting that you have painted? part 2 do you have a favorite artist that you draw inspiration from?

  12. You are so gifted Crystal it's incredible, both in writing and painting! I simply can't get enough. You continue to inspire!

  13. Love this finished piece of your son. Great portrait. So much heart and tenderness in your painting. Beautiful!

  14. Thanks Carrie! Great questions!

    Jen, you are the sweetest. Thank you :)

    Thank you so much Ruth! I'm glad you stopped by :)


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