Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Answers to Questions . . . and a Little More

Sandra: If you could choose one painting for Crystal to paint especially for you, what would it be of?

Crystal's Husband; Brodie: Sandra what a thought provoking question. I am lucky because she paints so many pictures of our kids. Our home and my office always have a fresh supply of beautiful pictures of our children. I am often approached by other parents yearning for works of their children - I tell them I discourage Crystal from doing commissions. Part of the wonder of Crystal's work is her heart is in each one. She has painted work for other people and started over time and time again because she is either not "feeling" inspired or something, in her opinion, is wrong with the painting.

With that said the direct answer to your question is pictures of her. All of the self- portraits that Crystal has done have been posed, beautiful but posed. They are lacking her true nature. I never suspect her self portraits to capture the essence of her as she captures it of other largely because she doesn't allow her to see herself as favorable as she should.

Kim: Were you into art before you met Crystal? Has her love of art influenced you?

Crystal's Husband; Brodie: That is a tricky question. I, like everyone else, love beautiful things. So if that beautiful thing happened to be art, then yes I was into art. I'm not moved by art because it is done by someone who is revered by the world. I hated my college art classes because they told me that certain art should mean this or move me a certain way. I feel art is unique to everyone and should be left to individual translation.

Her love of art has influenced me. I have watched her pursue her dream tirelessly. She was talented ten years ago, but she is not one to rest on plateaus. The average painting used to take her 40-60 hours now they are much faster and she has continued to perfect her skill.

One More Thought: Crystal is an extremely humble and modest person. She does not like to brag on herself which is fine because that is one of my favorite things. Crystal enters shows because I have almost forced her to do so. She was convinced that her works were not good. So I wanted her to be compared to others because I knew she would do well. She won two awards in her first show and has continued to enter more competitive shows and do well even on a grander scale. I recently had some business cards made up for her. Her father was over here the other day and I asked her to show him one of her cards. It was only very reluctantly she did so. When we go to shows she is happy to have gotten in and I am mad that the judges couldn't see she was the best.

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings.


  1. Brodie thanks for sharing your thoughts on Crystal with us!! I love her personality and her quirkiness and I could see why that would be the painting you'd want!

    Crystals art is beautiful and should be cherised! I feel honored everytime she posts one of her pieces because she feels strong enough to share them on the web and that's not always easy! I love all of her art work and can see why awards have been won! I understand not painting on command, that does take the love and passion right out of it!

    Loved this post...

  2. I enjoyed reading this so much ... you are a wondweful warm person and a very dedicated artist ... and it shows in all your work ... I love all your work and your log is so inspiring

  3. Thanks Brodie! Props to the guest-host : )

  4. I really enjoyed getting to know Crystal a little better from a different point of view.
    Since you have some experience in art, maybe you should try drawing or painting a portrait of Crystal! I also hate doing self portraits - I don't even like having my photograph taken. Crystal is an incredibly talented and beautiful person - if only she realised!

  5. Hello Brodie,
    I like reading your perspectives on the craft and Crystals work. I think every artist is or can be their own worst critic. Your wife's work is great, and her ability to capture emotion in paintings of your children is a gift. I tend to agree with her about self portraits, partly I think it is due to the fact that most self portraits are staged images. The best photos of people are those that are taken unaware. Then you have the ability to capture something beyond appearances. Keep posting!



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