Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trying Something New

work in progress

      I'm taking a break with the painting of my son, it just wasn't working. I think I killed it, too much fussy painting. Ah well, live and learn.

      So here we have a new project :) I don't paint very many flowers, I think I've only painted one before actually, but I was at my mom's a few weeks ago (and she is a MASTER gardener, let me just tell you) and we were walking around her garden. I saw this tree peony and absolutely loved the way the light fell on it. And, it's pink! My favorite! I am unashamed that I have fallen victim to gender sterotypes because pink is my favorite color ever :)

      Also, here's a very rough sketch I did before I started painting, focusing mostly on shapes and hoping to have some interesting line work too. Because there are so many different shapes in flowers I needed to have a map of where the darks and lights were, otherwise I get confused and it doesn not make me happy when I am confused. That's the purpose of this little sketch, my own little shape map.

      And can I just say how much fun it has been to paint so far? Because it has, a lot. I needed a fun painting, I was letting myself get too stressed out about paintings not working. I think I have trashed about three in the last few months. Not good, but part of the whole experience for me, I've come to accept that. Sometimes a painting works and sometimes they don't, no big deal. Right? Right :) 

      Wednesday's question has come and gone I'm afraid, but I still think we can have some good blogging fun :) Here's a picture of my youngest when we went to the park yesterday, he just discovered how to blow those dandelion puffs and he saw these clover flowers, which he thought were the puffies. So he spent a lot of time picking them and trying to blow them, it was so cute. It took him a little while to figure out they were not blowing away :)


I think I'm going to have to paint that.

      Now it's your turn, that was my random little bit of news for today, what's yours? Tell me something totally random, like what you had for lunch today, or what's the worst movie you've seen lately, or what song do you listen to the most? Please share, it'll be fun, just wait and see.

      Here's something random about me (actually I think you guys know a whole lot of random stuff about me), I am terrified of moths, that's right, I said moths. I don't know what it is about them, but they totally freak me out *shudders* 

      See how not scary that was? The randomness, not the moths. Okay, your turn :)


  1. My fiancee thinks it's a good idea to use sea monkeys for our wedding favors, how's that for random??

    and I had sushi for lunch

  2. @Starr, That's the most random thing I've heard in a long time! I love it! Your fiance sounds like a lot of fun!

    And I love sushi :)

  3. Hey Crystal, Love that you are painting a flower and peonies are one of my favorites. I love Starr's random bit of info. I was laughing at the sea monkeys. I think that tells a lot about her fiance, sounds fun to me.

    My randomness for the day, just happened a minute ago. I was in the garage staining some furniture and the UPS man pulled up. He took one look at our dog, laying in the driveway, got in his truck drove to the next door neighbors and walked up his driveway waving a package. It was for us and he was so scared of Moose he wouldn't come within 20'. If only he knew what a goofball Moose is:)

  4. Forgot to mention what a cutie your little guy is. I love that age.

  5. Hi Crystal,
    Love your Peony. I tried one in acrylic two weeks ago and trashed it. So hard to do..... you are to be commended for the patience you showed in completing this one.
    As far as a random thing about me...hmmmm, let's see; I wear black clothing 90% of the time. I just love the way I look in black with my platinum (not grey) hair.

  6. P.S. Yes, you should paint this picture of your little one....

  7. Lol. You remind me a lot of myself, there is a lot of randomness going on in my blog posts. Quite a challenge...something random that you haven't already heard from me...Hmmm.

    I just read one of the comments from above about the UPS man, and it reminded me about the FedEx man who comes to my work. He thinks that we are BFF. I think that he's a weirdo. Especially since he told me that he liked, my "naked piggies", meaning my un-painted toe-nails. Weird? Yes, please.

  8. oooooh. Crystal, this is going to be very pretty!

  9. Good luck on the peony. I have four plants that will bloom soon, if the hubby doesn't weed wack them by then. My random thing is I witnessed a store checker eye googling the pretty gal in front of me. He was not handsome and I could tell he was thinking he had no chance with her just like in the James Blunt song "You're Beautiful"

  10. Crystal this is an exquisite painting! I have only ever seen your portraits, so it's so nice to see something new too! And wow! You should paint flowers more often!
    And remember that no painting is EVER a failure. I prefer to use the word 'unsuccessful'. An unsuccessful painting is merely another valuable lesson learned, so each unsuccessful painting has simply made you a better artist! Which I guess would make it successful in it's own way!
    Your baby is SOOOOoooooooooooo gorgeous! What a cutie-pie! I love his curly hair. A definite painting I should say. And what a cute story! They are so adorable at that age!
    Hmm... Something random about me... You may have noticed by the colours of my blog, that pink is also one of my favorite colours - the other being red. I am a real girly girl!
    What else...? Well, yesterday I got a little concerned about my level of excitement over a new potato! Well, in my defense it was our very first home grown one! But I wondered - Am I getting old? Eek! I mean, when it rains I find my self saying scary things, like - 'Ooh, that'll be good for the garden.' Sometimes I open my mouth and my Mum's voice comes out! My husband thinks it's highly amusing!
    Let's see... I haven't had breakfast yet. It's Friday so I might treat myself to a glass of red wine later. No doubt we will be watching England play footie tonight - let's hope they do better than last time! Oh, and you may have noticed that I waffle - allot...... Sorry!!!

  11. Oh yes - and the other day, I rescued a bee from a cobweb - even though I am petrified of them!

  12. Aha, it’s great to see your peony, Gorgeous!
    Crystal, I’m pleased to hear about your youngest too; it seems to me that he is a very cute:)
    I have one niece which would be about the same age. She do love to stroll around her backyard for discovering strange animals, such as millipede which is her favorite. She very love to see its motions especially when it coils itself up…She dare to touch it in the least which we have to often warn her but everytime we are careless, she will do again….:)

  13. This is lovely Crystal - you should keep doing flowers. And that pic of your little one is absolutely waiting to be put on canvas. A random thought? I've had to turn the heater on mid-day it's that chilly at the moment!

  14. Oh my gosh. He was so cute. I loved how he tried to blow the clover. We had so much fun! And YES you need to paint that. If only for memories. I think it would be an awesome work of your talent. :) And love the peony!!! Beautiful as always :)

  15. Crystal, this is going to be stunning. it already is! and that photo of your son, i cannot WAIT to see your interpretation of that. it's a good idea to take a break and just do a fun painting isn't it? your work is stellar, complete and stunning. everything you do is amazing. and thank you so very much for your incredible comments, coming from someone as gifted as you are, they mean a whole lot! enjoy the weekend and happy painting!

  16. The peony is so delicately beautiful -as if it might melt or disintegrate if breathed on too hard...just the right feeling in your painting! I don't do much in watercolour so really appreciate your skill and economy of strokes. Your little one is adoreable - I remember my son at that age and have tons of photos from then - sometimes I miss that little guy (he is a big, adoreable guy now:-) And I was able to rescue a small sparrow who hit my window this week but was only dazed a bit - picked it up carefully in my cupped hands and set it down in the trees where it suddenly took off! And, I'm applying for a curator position at a public gallery (need the income) and am scared to death - I know I am too old for this job but they won't tell me that, of course!

  17. Hi Crystal, sometimes it is okay to let loose and try a small subject. This is going to be beautiful with delightful pink and white lights. I look forward to your painting " The search"!

  18. I have at least fifty lilies growing in my gardoon and I can never remember whether there are two l's or lily.

  19. It's good to try something new occasionally Crystal and your peony looks smashing.
    We took a tour of our local arboretum around seven years ago that was being restored after lying overgrown for decades. In a piece of rough ground we noticed a lovely pink tree peony similar to the one in your painting, but in poor condition. One of its blooms had come and gone, leaving a seed pod which we , er well sort of "borrowed"! Two years after setting the seed it came up, and has been growing for the last five years but no flowers yet. We are told this is natural as they take two years for seed to grow and several before flowering. Well, if it ever does flower, I promise to paint it.
    That's a lovely picture of your boy and just perfect to paint - go get your brushes!


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