Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WIP Wednesday

work in progress

15 x 21 watercolor

      Here's my latest work in progress, it doesn't look like much right now, but I'm hoping it will turn out just right. This is a very early stage (obviously) with only 4 layers of color and minimal shadow modeling. His right side looks a little wonky because it's so brightly lit by the sun, once I put in the background it will read as more of a figure, hopefully :) I'm loving the pinks, reds, and yellows in the skin tones, it's been fun to paint so far.

      And now to our Wednesday question, this time I have a blogging question for you. When you leave a comment on a blog, do you like the blog host to answer you? Do you expect it? And do you go back and check if they do, or subscribe to follow up comments? Also, do you prefer to hear back from them via email or just within the comment section?

       I have been wondering about this for a while. I love to hear back from the blog host, and a lot of the time I will go back to see if the person responded to me (especially if I know they usually do). Sometimes people send me an email reply to my comment which is nice, and fun to read. But not everyone has their email enabled, so when someone comments on my post I can't always send a personal note back to everyone, so I usually just reply in the comment section. Anyway, forgive my rambling, I've just been thinking about this and was wondering what all you awesome people thought about it :) My main goal is to let people know that I appreciate the time they took to leave me a comment, I want to make sure that it's the best way possible for you guys. Because I love your comments, they totally make my day :)


  1. Coming along nicely, Crystal. Always enjoy seeing the stages. I learn so much from you. Please know that I appreciate all your posts and your feedback on mine. As far as getting a reply from a comment I've made, I am always glad when my comment is acknowledged but it isn't always necessary. If I leave a comment with an idea that the artist likes it's nice to hear back but in general I think I know the artist appreciates my commenting. Wordy, huh! Whew! I'm off to work now. Enjoy your evening.

  2. Crystal - This is going to be a really nice painting. There's that wonderful sun-kissed look!

    To answer your question, sure, I like it if the blogger acknowledges my comment, but if they don't it's fine, too. I realize when a blogger receives a lot of comments, it gets a bit redundant to reply to each and every one, so a general "Thanks everyone" comment is good, too.

  3. Gorgeous painting!! Early stage or not you are AWESOME!

    As far as comments are concerned I write one and don't check back unless I've asked a question. I'm awful at even replying to comments on my blog. If they've asked something I normally visit their blog and respond there. It seems to be the best method for me but I think everyone is different and based on preference.

  4. Great start,... I always try to acknowledge a comment and will try to answer a question. If I remember whose blog I asked a question on I will check back in a day or so.

  5. That's just a start--it looks super awesome. Sort of reminds me of my little guy.
    I don't expect anyone to answer my comments and I don't always go back to check. I feel bad but I don't get the time to respond unless someone asks a question. I do read and love any comments I get but lately time has become a factor.

  6. The right side does not look wonky.. It looks very sunlit and great. Background will of course strengthen it more. You said already 4 layers of color and more to come. I just wish I had that much patience.

    Coming to the question. I do not always expect a response. But sometimes when I have asked a question then I do go back to the blog and check if my question has been answered. I generally do respond to the comments in my blog in the comments form only.

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  8. Thanks for posting this WIP. I love to learn from the step by step demos and I am sure this is going to be a fabulous painting.

    As for the question, it definitely feels great when someone takes the time and effort to reply to my comment. It doesnt matter whether they reply to it in their own blog comments section or by an email.

  9. I almost want to rub some sun-cream in to this little chap! This is going to be gorgeous! I like that its viewed from behind and that the sunlight plays such a big part. I can't wait to see it finished!
    I am always so delighted when somebody has taken the time to look at my posts and shared their thoughts with me. Whether it's pure encouragement, or constructive criticism and advice, it's all so valuable to me. I try and respond to everybody individually on the comment form. Rarely, I may thank a few people at once if they have pretty much echoed each other, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate them as individual comments. I always try to e-mail new followers because it's so exciting when a new face has appeared! But generally I reply to comments on the comment form because I imagine they will pop back.
    Like me, I am sure most of us have our favourite selection of blogs we like to visit. I can always see when you have posted something new so I always come to check it out. I will pop back to the previous posts comment form and always enjoy and appreciate your responses. But - I wouldn't be at all offended if you didn't always respond because you are a busy Mum after all with lots to do!
    Occasionally I stumble across other blogs and leave comments on paintings I like, but won't necessarily go back because I may have forgotten where it was, or I might just not expect a response.
    Gosh! I have just read back on what I have written and realised how much I am waffling!

  10. Hi Crystal,

    Okay, I absolutely love this painting and it's still a WIP. It just feels like summer. I agree with one of your other comments I think a step by step would be awesome. I would love to see your process. I can't wait to see the finished piece. You're just awesome!

    As far as the blog comments go, I don't expect anyone to respond to a comment, but it's always nice. I think that is how you end up building a bloggy friendship. I think it's always nice to know that someone is enjoying your work and a little constructive criticism is always well received on my end.

  11. Hey its Ramona. Thank you for your comment. Im pretty excited to do the drawing as well (Harry Potter) But first I have to finish doing these Aladdin drawings for the kids. You are such an amazing artist!! I love doing watercolour but I find it so challenging. Its always harder than I think it will be. Did you take a class or something? You are very talented!

  12. hey I made a contest. come check it out! Also when I write a comment I like the person to answer back on the last post I made on my blog. I do go back to check theirs however.

  13. Oh, it's going to be a great one! You've got the figure bang on. As for comments - I don't expect a reply. I used to click "follow-up comments" when I commented on others blogs but got too much mail ; ) I've always been impressed that you reply - don't know how you do it! I try but my replies are kind of hit and miss ; )

  14. I love to reply to comments by email. Replying in the post works if everyone seems to be saying the same thing - but I don't think people check back very often. I checked back in the beginning, but I comment on several blogs and don't have time for checking back unless I want to feel guilty about blogging all day. Subscribing to follow up comments would overload my email unless I could just subscribe to the blog authors follow up comments. There's my two bits. :)
    As usual - I love this painting. Lovely. I am a fan. :)

  15. How fun to find both your painting and this topic as I've come to (FINALLY!) follow up on the sweet comment you left on my blog. First of all, little kids' shoulder blades are the sweetest things. I've always had a 'thing' for those little wings.
    And about commenting- I used to reply to every comment as a separate comment, and I think it's lovely when others do the same, but you may have noticed that I've gotten awfully lax about replying. I hang my head in a smidgeon of shame about it. I appreciate SO MUCH the folks who bother to say some kind word when they visit. Anyway, thank you!

  16. You sure are a talented lady. This is just wonderful. I just love paintings of children from behind especially. Can't wait to see the finished painting.

  17. Thanks everyone for your kind encouraging comments! I'm a little behind at replying to you all, hope you'll forgive me :) But I loved to hear your thoughts about responding, now I don't feel so bad when I can't get back to you.

    I love it when each of you stops by, thanks so much, I *adore* you all!


Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment they really do mean so much to me! Because not all bloggers have their email enabled so I can reply directly through email I will try to reply here in the comments. If I don't please forgive me, life must have been hectic that day! :)) Huzzah!!

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