Thursday, November 15, 2012

Keen Sight

'Keen Sight'
6" x 6" oil on panel
Reference photo by Geoffrey Fairchild

I always think that when my dog looks at me, like staring and studying me, sometimes without blinking, that she sees exactly who I am. . . And she's okay with that. And that is very comforting. :) This isn't my dog, but there's a very keen perception in her gaze that makes me wonder just how intelligent dogs are you know?

Probably more than me. :)

I've been dying to try oil painting again and yesterday I decided why the heck not? So I did, and it was so much fun!! More fun than I've had painting in a long time. Sometimes to keep creatively fired up I just need to let go and do something fun, that I want to do. Even if it is an abysmal failure.

But this time it wasn't. (How bout a Huzzah for that eh?) I really like how this painting turned out. I want to do more of these small close-ups of dogs and other animals, and people too, in oil right away. I'm very excited to do another one, I can't wait to get back to painting, and I just realized today that I had kind of been dreading it for the last few weeks. Not good.

I'm still in the smitten stage with oil paints right now. It's still new, so I don't know all their bad habits yet, like chewing gum with their mouth open and what not. ;)

In other news, I have officially commissioned my very first painting. By this young artist below. 

I asked my son to paint me a large canvas for our family room and here he is hard at work. He was so excited that I asked him. Of all my kids he's the one who LOVES art as much as I do. And that is very cool.

Later my friends!


  1. Oh Crystal, he's absolutely adorable...the color of his fur and that sparkle in his eyes is beautiful.!! Love this one! and I love how your son is so intent on his commission. He's such a handsome boy! you should be SO proud!!!

  2. Lovely dog!
    Nice to see your son getting involved :) xx

  3. LOVE it! Great painting, such a terrific perspective. I love that "up close and personal" feel. It makes the painting so much more appealing -- adorable dog and so true what you said about them. Wonderful style with the oils too. You are very brave. Your son is adorable -- how nice to share your interests with someone in the family! :) Have a great day -- I love reading your posts, even if I can't always comment. Keep `em comin'! :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Crystal.

  4. How wonderful your son is painting one for the family room. A treasure for ever.

  5. A wonderful painting Crystal! You do oils fantastic too but I am not surprised. I have switched to acrylics lately but you make me want to get my oils back out. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Crystal.

  6. Hi Crystal. I love the colors and intensity of expression in "Keen Sight"!
    The photo of your son working on your commission is wonderful - he looks totally absorbed!!! HUZZAH!!!

  7. Wow - the dog is wonderful! I love how you have cropped the face because it pulls me right in to the eyes - Masterpiece!
    And I love that you asked baby Cook to paint you a canvas! A family heirloom in progress - Priceless!! :0)

  8. Que bonito, los ojos tienen una gran expresividad y fuerza.

  9. an amazing splash of color and light crystal! beautifully done! looking so forward to more oil closeups! huzzah!

  10. Wonderful painting Crystal, whether it is oil or w/c. Your talent is so great with w/c that I didn't recognize this as an oil. It's always fun to shake things up one way or another.

  11. Hey Crystal:) Beautiful dog portrait! Thanks to you I feel like to try it myself!~eek
    Are you going to show the painting of your son when it's finished? Beautiful that he loves art just like you. Lucky girl!

  12. This is a wonderful piece, rich and you've really captured the essence of how dogs will look right into you, know you and be happy about it. Way to encourage your son!

  13. You made my eyes open wide with this one Crystal. I saw it and thought, that HAS to be an oil...and so it was. You did a fabulous job but that does not surprise me as you are so outstanding in everything you do.
    Hope you do more oils.
    A budding artist looking totally engrossed- a sure sign of future addiction to the arts. Yea!


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