Monday, November 26, 2012

Puppy Kisses

'Puppy Kisses'
6" x 6"

A new addition to my Smitten series. And one that I really like. Even though these are Malamutes, they remind me of my dog I had when I was younger. She was a Siberian Husky and she was such a sweet heart. Totally crazy. But a sweetheart. :)
I finished my last oil painting that I plan to paint for a while today (not this one, I'm a little ahead, how weird is that??). So with my next post I plan to talk about why I switched to oils. Because I've been asked a little bit, and because I think I need to put it in to words for myself too.
Tonight we are decorating our Christmas tree, and the little ones are about to burst with excitement. Can you tell?

reference photo by Kelly Bailey, thank you!


  1. I love the title of that series, Smitten! And this painting is so precious! I like what you said about explaining your transition into oils, and how you need to clarify your thoughts for yourself by putting them into writing. I do that too! I'll be looking forward to reading that post! Your little guy in the crib is adorable... I'll bet he is going to have an exciting holiday!

  2. Smitten! What a great series, this one is wonderful, you always manage to capture and convey the character of your subjects.
    Tree trimming time, yeah! Nothing more inviting that seeing a lighted tree in the room :-)

  3. It is beautiful Crystal, Love how you suggested the direction of the fur, so soft, and of course those eyelashes....completely smitten :) Share pictures of the tree!

  4. This is a wonderful addition to that series! So tickled that you didn't keep out sweetheart dogs from 'smitten' collection! I am glad you are painting in oils too - when you are talented you should explore and challenge yourself ! More power to you!

  5. Hi Crystal. You have such sweet expressions on both dogs! And I am most eager to hear about why you paint in oils.
    Christmas tree??? ACK ... I'm never ready for it, and can hardly wait for it to be over, Grinch that I am. :)

  6. Beautifully painted, Crystal! They are so adorable....and your son is too darn cute!! I love how kids get so excited at Christmas time!!

  7. Of course I adore the dogs! Such painterly strokes! And the colours are so gorgeous. You seem to have no problem switching between mediums at all! And the good thing is that your own style shows no matter which you feel like using. I think about our dog a lot - but even more just lately as Christmas approaches. It'll be exactly a year on Christmas day :0(
    We've decided to spend Christmas day somewhere else this year so it doesn't hit us like it might otherwise. The beautiful drawing you did of her is always such a comfort :0)

  8. I like this one a lot. The colors, the interaction, the negative spaces and the softness of the scene. Well done.

  9. This painting has such a wonderful feeling to it. How do you do that with just blobs of paint?? I love the way you have with fur and hair- you capture the main movement, and with a sweeping ease that makes me want to run my hands through it.

  10. Oh, look at that face. He is SO sweet! And nice painting too Crystal : ))

  11. sooo cute! beautifully done crystal! so looking forward to your next post too! hope you are well my friend.


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