Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Making Progress

work in progress 
5 x 7 inch colored pencil on Ampersand Pastelbord

Slow but steady wins the race right? That shirt took me for dang ever. And his face caused me much angst. I think because of the angle of his head, and his features are tiny. Super hard. But I love how it's looking so far. Also, Tigger has been the funnest thing to draw yet. So much color!
In other news, have you guys seen the new cover art for the Harry Potter books?! So much awesomeness. I loved the originals, but I love these too.

New Harry Potter Cover Art Unveiled 

Must. Have. Them.

My husband will be so glad he just cleared out some of our bookcases, so I can replace those empty spaces with these new lovelies.  ;)


  1. No sooner do I catch up with your last post and you post again. Yes slow going is the way with this one, but your efforts are fantastic.

    So These covers are for a Scholastic publication?
    I do like owning the first editions. This cover art is less colorful, but just as effective. I couldn't put the books down when I read them. HaHa on her ex. Idiot probably wanted dinner on the table when he came in the door.

  2. Une évolution qui progresse à la hauteur du talent de l'artiste... divinement !
    Nous souffrons souvent pour obtenir un bon résultat...
    Gros bisous et rendez-vous au prochain épisode.

  3. This cp piece is amazing! Your work just gets better and better. I am awed that you can do so well in so many different mediums.

  4. It might be slow going but it's worth it... you've got the reflections so perfect.

  5. It's coming along those folds in the material...!!!

  6. Wow the time you are spending is so worth it - It's amazing! I love that stunning orange of Tigger, bouncing off of his skin. It's going to be stunning! And I love the book cover too. Ah, Harry Potter... My favorite films EVER!! :0)

  7. Love the progress, Crystal.......... sounds like it's like giving birth all over again. :)

  8. Just love this.. That shirt yes.. It would take me my entire life to paint it. :)
    HP new cover is good.. But I like the older one more..

  9. It's fun to see your progression on this lovely piece. Thanks for letting us peek over your shoulder.


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