Wednesday, February 20, 2013


5 x 7 inch watercolor on paper
$65 plus $8 US shipping, or $20 International 

I can't ever get my own dogs to model for me. The minute I get down to take a photo of them is the minute they think I've just invited them to climb into my lap. This is my niece's dog, a cute Chihuahua named Chica. She is a great little model because she's always watching my niece, not me. :) I caught her mid slurp a few summer's ago and have been wanting to paint it ever since. 

In other news, my blog post I wrote at the end of last month about what I've learned from 30 paintings in 30 days is now included in this free Art Byte at Daily Paintworks that is all about artist's blocks and how to get past them. Carol Marine, Liz Wiltzen, Brenda Ferguson, and Cathleen Rehfield also wrote about it. You can check it out right here: Collective Insight on Blocks. It is full of awesomeness. 

And last of all my computer is giving me fits again so I've not been able to comment or respond to comments hardly at all. :( I still love you guys and will be around when I can. Hope you all are having a fantastic day! 

And now I shall leave you with this most geeky photo of me posing for my article about artist blocks: 

Until tomorrow! Huzzah for computer's getting fixed speedily and for friendly artist's helping each other!!


  1. I LOVED what you wrote in that post. Glad it's immortalized for posterity : )) And the photo is fun.

  2. Should have stuck your tongue out :> Huzzah!

  3. Chica is WONDERFUL!!! I can see the WANT in her eyes - please, just one more taste. I must say you look suitably blocked in the photo. :)

  4. Haha! I chuckled at this one - That's pretty much my own expression every time I pick up a paint brush!! The dog is so cute! I love how you caught him at that moment :0)
    I've got my boring year-end at work today...I'll look forward to the art byte as soon as I'm done :0)

  5. I love Chica! You can feel the smoothness of her fur!!! Beautifully painted! and of course, there's only one Crystal! love that expression!!!

  6. You talk about blocks yet you've remained productive through them all, I'd say you've found your way around and through whatever creative block comes!

  7. Very sweet painting! And interesting about artistic blocks. I posted uou a long comment some weeks ago, but see now it got lost. Well, thats the www.. Have a good week!! :-)


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