Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Breeze SOLD

'Breeze'  SOLD
5 x 7 inches oil on masonite panel

Back to oil painting last night. Don't know how long I'll stay here (I'm a fickle creature like that) since I still have my colored pencil piece to finish, and some watercolors too. But it feels right to me for now. 

Every time I take a break from oil painting I feel a little bit of fear at the idea of starting a new painting. Probably because they're still a step outside my comfort zone. So I thought I'd go with another monochromatic portrait. This time a sepia one. I thought it might enhance that dreamy expression this little girl seemed to have. 

None of my kids used pacifiers (not for lack of trying to persuade them to on my part!) or sucked their thumbs (or fingers??) so this little one with her two fingers in her mouth was very endearing to me. 

And here's a shot of what this painting looks like standing back a bit: 

That's something that I think gets lost when showing your art online (I guess that's a bit obvious though right?). What the painting looks like from a few feet back. And then you get to see my pretty glass bottles too. :) Got to paint those babies some day!

Reference photo by Jay Ryness, thank you!


  1. SO sweet, Crystal...brought back some beautiful daughter used the same fingers for comfort!! I never had to look for her pacifier.!! Love this one...

  2. Really like how you have captured her expression! -- I think choice of sepia was just right too.

  3. C'est un très joli portrait que celui-ci...
    je comprends on a toujours des craintes en se retrouvant devant la toile blanche... mais très rapidement une fois le premier trait de tracer, c'est parti !
    J'aime la vie qui anime les yeux de cet enfant et son innocence sauvage...
    gros bisous

  4. Adele loved her Dummy - so much in fact that it was very hard to get her out of it! Charlie never took to latching on to anything at all (apart from me). But he was such a laid back baby that a Dummy would have probably turned him in to a zombie!
    And the painting... Oh wow - this is BEAUTIFUL! And I love the sepia monochrome look - just perfect! I saw these little easels on Dreama's site and I've been trying to find them everywhere, but we just can't get them in the UK. It's so disappointing because I think they are such a lovely and unique way to display art. It really does set the painting off :0)
    And yes, you should definitely paint those bottles! :0)

  5. I'm a sucker for the macro view, love how you hone in on the features filling the canvas. And the glass, oh they are beautiful defiantly paint worthy :-)

  6. She is sweet, Crystal. Reminds me a bit of those big-eyed children that were popular pieces back, when I was a lot younger......

  7. Lovely work, Crystal, very vibrant and energetic,despite the tonal treatment.

  8. Awesome Portraits Crystal, makes me want to get back to portraits. I'm on hiatus with landscapes lol. Yeah working small :) I used to do a lot and still do and reason being you get more practice. Look at those baby eyes, nice touch.


  9. Hello Crystal:) This one is so gorgeous! How clever of you to give each (painted) child a different expression. Very nice!

  10. This brought the biggest smiles on my face on this Sunday morning.. Beautiful piece..

  11. Hi Guvnnah Hi - I've been away, ill, but am fine now and will try to get my show back on the road ASAP!

  12. you did a fabulous job catching this sweet child's spirit. love the mono color scheme!


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