Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cold Nose, Warm Heart SOLD

'Cold Nose, Warm Heart'  SOLD
6 x 6 inches oil on masonite

I've been going through a lot of old art magazines lately trying to decide if I want to cut them up and put the paintings that inspire me in a  journal, or leave them as is. I've found SO many amazing articles that I never noticed before. I've found a painting demo by Richard Schmid and Scott Burdick (two of my favorite oil painters), an article about why an artist would want to paint in more than one medium (can I get a Huzzah for that?), and an article about painting with passion by Alvaro Castagnet, who always brings out my inner fangirl. 

So I've decided to not cut them up for now. Reading through them was one of the main reasons why I wanted to do an oil painting again. I keep telling myself that I *should* just stick with watercolors, because that's what I know, but I just can't. I was feeling really sorry for myself yesterday about some recent painting fails (watercolors no less) and at ten o'clock last night felt this strong desire to try and put some of what I'd learned from the masters about oil painting in the art magazines into practice.Which lead to 'Cold Nose, Warm Heart.'

And now I feel happy about my art again. Isn't it funny how much our moods can reflect how we're feeling about our art? Or am I the only crazy one like that? :)
Reference photo by sskennel, thank you! 


  1. I love this painting, it's wonderful :)

  2. This painting is wonderful! So full of tenderness and passion. Follow your heart for sure.

  3. This is beautiful, Crystal!!! I don't think you should stick with Watercolors...your medium is oils as well...! So many of your oil paintings look like watercolor..LOL! and our moods do reflect on how we feel about our art!!

  4. Great painting, Crystal, you seem to understand dogs and it shows in their eyes.

    If I can try two mediums anyone can ... albeit, you are light years ahead of moi (just finished #3)

  5. So adorable, Crystal. You know I can almost see him starting to drool....:) and give lots of big wet kisses. A big Huzzah for you my friend.

  6. I just love how you make every single painting glow no matter what medium you're using for it.

    So there, a Huzzah!!! for you, a Huzah!! for tackling as many mediums as you want, and Huzzah!!! for getting jared padalecki fangirling over your post.

    Have a great day!

  7. Follow your art girl intuition and do whatever makes you happy-it's all wonderful and a fabulous process to watch.

  8. You mustn't ever worry about switching mediums as to whatever suits your mood! I mean, ultimately it's the style that counts and you are one of the few people who manage to carry your style from one medium to another. Whether in oil, coloured pencil or watercolour, the paintings are all clearly by 'Crystal Cook' and that's all that matters! So, you definitely get a 'Huzzah' from me!
    I tend to cut my magazines up. But it's interesting that the paintings I used to cut out don't all appeal so much now. It seems our tastes and inspirations evolve as well as our art! And as for the dog - Well he is just adorable! That face is SO cute! It's a gorgeous painting :0)

  9. This is amazing. And I completely agree with you about painting in more than one medium. It is a lot of fun always.

  10. This is a very strong painting, Crystal. The confidence and joy you had while working on it shows.

    Painting doldrums are the pits, aren't they?! I guess that is why "keep painting" is such good advice.


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