Monday, April 29, 2013

Bloom of Youth SOLD

'Bloom of Youth'  SOLD
8 x 8 inches oil on masonite
I have wanted to do an oil painting of this little girl ever since I first drew her sketch here. I really love the graceful tilt of her head, which seems such a precocious gesture for one so small. Her full lips and dark eyes caught my attention too. And of course those beautiful flowers in her hair and on her dress. And I have to say that I really like how this painting turned out. :) Reference photo, with thanks, by Ryan Lobo.

I've decided to try and have weekly themes for my paintings. I sort of feel like I jump all over the place depending on what interests me at that given moment, and then also when commissions demand it, and then I feel a little bit lost when it comes time to sit down and paint. Too many ideas can be just as paralyzing as too few in my opinion. So this week, my theme is children's portraits in oils. Here we go with number one. :)

*Sigh* I feel like a huge weight has just been lifted off my shoulders by making that commitment out loud here. It's already decided for me what I'll paint this week so no more indecisiveness (which is code for STRESS in my mind) about what to paint and what medium to use. It's all in the bag. The hard part's done, now the fun, easy part remains (Har har. I jest, painting be hard maties!).

This weekend our family went to a Bird Refuge that is about two minutes away from our house. We go every year and it is one of my favorite trips. Hardly anyone is ever out there, and honestly we don't see very many birds, but it's so peaceful and just fun to be together. Here's a couple of pics featuring our trusty 'Crocodile' (my four year old son's term for the navigator, which sounds like alligator, which he then confused with a crocodile) and our little family's quiet adventure. Happy Monday everyone. :)



  1. Do I predict a bird series coming? Your boys are getting so big!!! Middle Child's picture is just gorgeous!!!!! You have to paint that one!

    Love your painting today can't wait to see what you come up with tomorrow. She looks like the little girl from Lilo and Stitch! I love the bright colors and her eyes of course, amazing eyes!!

  2. The painting is SO beautiful, Crystal the colors...
    and her expression.!! I can't believe how your children are growing up right in front of us... they are both so handsome!!! (so is hubby!)

  3. I've been struggling to keep up, Crystal, and you have been so kindly supporting my faltering steps as a panter (it's like a painter, but breathless!)... so rude of me, sorry.

    This little girl has such expressive eyes! A wonderful painting!

    I just found out that the great English painter, Turner, spoke with a cockney accent, govvna!

  4. Le regard profond et noir de cette fillette est extraordinaire... C'est une oeuvre magnifique.

    Vos enfants sont plein de joie et tellement beaux !
    Un très joli tableau, que votre famille !
    Gros bisous

  5. I think it's wonderful that you have so much variety in your work. And that you can come up with so many subjects to paint with different mediums as well as draw! You are one of the most interesting artists I follow. Love to visit bird sanctuaries-a trip there is a real gift to your children.

  6. Looks like you all has a great time together!
    Your boys are adorable :)
    Not to forget your painting too...its wonderful, Crystal!

  7. My, some of those photos are so paintable Crystal. Looks liek the whole family had a great time :)

  8. Wonderful face and beautifully painted! such a good idea to decide what the weeks painting will be! i spend more time wondering what to paint than painting!

    and these snaps are just wonderful, very paintable as well. you have a lovely family and it's so nice to see you all enjoying the day and each other!

  9. Thats incredible! :)

  10. So pretty Crystal. Looks like you all had a fabulous time too. :)


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