Friday, February 1, 2013

Bloom - SOLD

'Bloom' SOLD
6" x 6" graphite on paper

Sometimes I just really miss drawing when I spend so much time painting. Preparing a drawing for a painting is very different from doing a drawing to stand alone as a work of art. So the best thing to do is get out my pencils and sketchbook and go to town. I thought this girl from India had the most beautiful features I'd ever seen. I ended up exaggerating them a bit unintentionally because I loved them so much. :)

I have the hardest time photographing pencil work. It really makes me wish I had a scanner because while this is close to the original, it's really not as close as I would like

I don't plan on taking any time off now that the 30x30 challenge is done. I simply have to paint. And I have really enjoyed blogging more often. I'm shooting for Mon - Fri. Some days may just be works in progress since I would like to work on a large oil painting soon. I just have to get handsome hubby into the garage to cut up some more panels for me. :)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Reference photo, with thanks, by Ryan Lobo


  1. She's gorgeous, Crystal!! I enjoy seeing your portraits in ANY medium. !! Wonderful job...

  2. I had the same problem photographing my class work -- pencils and charcoal drawings. Although this one come off beautifully, I am almost sure that the original is even more exquisite. You captured the very intriguing expression on her face, and I must say the careful modelling shows subtle roundness of a child's feature, so delicately. The more I see your painting, the more I love them...

  3. Crystal,

    The way you are bombarding blogosphere with your posts is just so hard to keep up with. :)

    I loved reading about 10 things that you learnt from portrait challenge. Great advice for everyone.

    That horse in your previous post is so beautifully painted. Especially the shadow areas being hit by reflected light.

    And as soon as I saw this picture she looked like a kid that I would have seen just sometime back. The features are very Indian indeed. And she has that look in her face.. Its beautiful..

  4. This is nothing less than exquisite! I LOVE your pencil drawings. This one is particularly special - I don't know why. I love her features...
    Monday - Friday is so much more than I can manage to post - but at least I can just about keep up with your blog. I try not to go on the computer at weekends or on a Tuesday because they're my painting days :0)


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