Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hoot Hoot

'Hoot Hoot' 
5 x 7 inches watercolor on paper
$65 plus $8 US shipping, or $20 International 

Clearly my creative well for owl titles has run dry. I know I paint owls a lot, but I'm really fascinated with the colors in their feathers (like this guy's white, but not white chest) and their intelligent expressions. 

And I have had an idea for an owl/figure painting (not like an owl human hybrid, which would be terrifying, but like a figure AND and owl together) that I've wanted to do for a while just haven't got to yet. 

I got a little excited about all the colors I put into this one. I think it may be because this is my first watercolor since I painted with oils for a while. I was enjoying the flow. 



  1. You've made those watercolors sing! Geeez I have been seeing owls everywhere lately online :) Now yours! Sure is a purty one!

  2. He's so brilliant, just love the colours and that all to knowing look.

  3. The colors just GLOW! I love your handsome owl!

  4. Ooh, this is gorgeous! Yes, the colours are so beautiful! I'm intrigued by your idea of a figure with an owl... Maybe it'll be Harry potter, lol!
    I also miss the immediacy of watercolour sometimes, but somehow I rarely get around to using them! I will do though... :0)

  5. He's perfect! Have you made an owl out of the polymer clay yet?


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