Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Undetected Visitor

'Undetected Visitor' 
5" x 7" oil on panel
$65 plus $8 US shipping, or $20 International 
How about a little mouse for my woodland animal series? I have always loved mice. . . except when they come in my house uninvited. Pet mice are cute, but wild mice you find in your silverware drawer (SURPRISE!!) that make you scream like a banshee? Not so much. 

I chose this little guy to paint last night because I thought he would be quick. Famous last words right? He took me forever! Getting his eyes and twitchy nose right was bleeping difficult! But I really like how he turned out. Especially those touches of orange in his fur.

Listening to: The Black Keys
Reading: The Art of How To Train Your Dragon
Watching: Supernatural
Snacking on: Dove raspberry and dark chocolate swirl chocolates 

Reference photo by Riviera2008 on deviantArt, thank you! 


  1. Hi, Crystal,
    I really love this cute visitor!!!
    Cheers, Sadami

  2. Crystal, I honestly believe this is the sweetest, most adorable mouse I have ever seen! HUZZAH! You are one great painter!

  3. He is soooo cute!! I love those dashes of orange too. And his cute little eyes :0)
    I love mice too - but like you said, not in the house!
    We have a Mole in the garden at the moment. I've never seen one for real - but we know he's there because he has dug 13 Mole hills in the last few days! Maybe you could paint a Mole! Do you get them in America? :0)

  4. Only you can make a mouse adorable, Crystal!!! I love that twinkle in his eyes!!

  5. Hee,hee - looks just like the little guy that peaked out over the top of my dishwasher the other night! ( and yes, I screamed, too ;-)
    Very nicely done! Love the orange, too.

  6. Adorable but I don't like them in my silverware drawer leaving their little gifts either. Ugh. That illustrations in The ARt of how to train your Dragon are spectacular.

  7. Wonderful job, you got it perfect. They are cute aren't they; from a distance at least. :)

  8. Hello Crystal:) This is a cuty! I love mices:) You painted it wonderful!

  9. Yes those touches of orange is just too good here..

    p.s. Thanks a lot for the V. cookies. But waiting for the R cookies. :)


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