Friday, February 15, 2013

Best Pals - SOLD

'Best Pals'  sold 
5" x 7" 
colored pencil on Ampersand Pastelbord

Finally finished. :) Usually when I have a painting that takes me a long time to complete I end up feeling frustrated, and I lose interest. But not this time. This drawing was a joy from beginning to end. A few bumps in the road that caused me a bit of a headache, but overall a complete joy. I really love how it turned out. 

I have a bunch of photos of my son playing with his toys that I think I'll start working on too. All in this beautiful light. I'm excited. 

Technique note: This drawing ate up a LOT of my colored pencils. The sanded surface of the pastelbord is very abrasive and hard on the pencils, I wore probably five of them down to little nubs by the time this was finished. 

But on the positive side, this surface doesn't require much layering. It is a very direct process, which was a sanity saver for me. I have come to realize that I am getting bored with layering paint, I'm an impatient person. ;) I will have to see if I can adapt my watercolor process to get the results I want but avoid all the layering (glazing of color) I typically do.

Have a great weekend everyone. :) See you Monday!


  1. Well worth your efforts and your pencils. An outstanding piece. Bravo!

  2. Really love this one! For a colored pencil piece you are going at extremely fast pace! I can't agree that a week is a long time for completing such a complicated piece... I would love to see how your direct painting looks in comparison to the layered ones -- I think each technique has its own merit and I do want to learn how to paint by glazing in watercolor with you some time soon in the future, since there is a beautiful glow in your watercolor that can only be achieved by glazing. But I'm sure the direct painting you do will have a different kind of freshness and bold expression like your oils! I'm so looking forward to your new adventures...

  3. OUTSTANDING!!! I love this painting, Crystal..the colors are amazing...wonderful job.

  4. It turned out MARVELOUS!!!!! Love it!!

  5. I'm not surprised you wore down your pencils, the saturated colour in this piece is wonderful. Looking forward to more pieces along this line, glad you took all those pictures :-) Interesting new development in your process, love how it's always evolving

  6. It's so beautiful, and amazingly made with color pencils.Bravo!

  7. Crystal, this pencil work is superb!!! I LOVE all the "tiger orange" running over the T-shirt, floor, jeans ... and his hair! What a phenomenal job! I think it was worth a few pencils. :)
    I will be very interested to see if you can come up with a one-stroke-does-all watercolor technique.

  8. OMG that's so sweet, how can it be so tiny?! I want that Tiger and I want it N·O·W *cuddles*

    This means the wip jinx is officially broken? yeah!

  9. This is SO beautiful! Not just the subject, but the orange and blue together are stunning and I love how they reflect in the hair, clothes and skin. You are just SUCH a remarkable Artist - You really are! :0)

  10. Je suis très heureuse aujourd'hui d'admirer votre travail accompli. Et quelle merveille !
    Je vous félicite. La lumière que vous avez aussi capturée est extraordinaire.
    gros bisous

  11. Hello Crystal:) What a beautiful result! Some how I can see you put a lot of love in this drawing/painting. Very nice. You are very talented:) Have a nice day!

  12. superb crystal ! must be pleased with this one .


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