Friday, April 26, 2013

Scritchin and Scratchin - SOLD

'Scritchin and Scratchin'  SOLD
6 x 6 watercolor on paper

Another foal to add to my series of 'baby horses with itches that can't quite reach them'. I'm not married to that series title so if you have something better lay it on me. I tried asking my husband and son for another title that was similar to 'Can't Reach' or 'Almost Got It' but their suggestions were less than desirable. 'Scritchin and Scratchin' was my husband's contribution which was actually kind of a cute.
In any case, this little guy (a Gypsy Vanner foal) is so darling. I love his soft baby mane and tail, and that gesture of him reaching around to scratch his knee with his little nose is so endearing that I can't look at it without my heart melting a little bit. :) He was a pleasure to paint and is owned by my friend, Sue Niesen, of Gypsy Lane Farm.

And how about a Huzzah for Friday hmm??? Huzzah!! See you Monday everyone. :)


  1. He's so beautiful...he looks SO silky and soft. Perfect title, Crystal!!

  2. I have officially admitted you to my "Black Beauty Mad Horse-Lovers" fan club!!! :) Damn, but you paint a beautiful and sensitive horse!!! This is gorgeous, Crystal!

  3. Another stunning work of art, he glows!!! Outatanding Crystal!!!

  4. you capture something special with these, so glad it's found a good home, he deserves to be cherished. Maybe for the next one it could be titled 'Within Reach!"

  5. It's truly adorable! I love the subject of this series - there is nothing quite so annoying than an itch you just can't quite reach, lol!
    I'm afraid I can't think of a better title either :0)


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