Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aww, Thanks! and Seven Random Things

     I am really loving blogging, and all the amazing people I meet! Christine Danek gave me the From Me To You award, thanks so much! She is super sweet and has a great blog about writing. You should all go see, pure awesomeness.

     I have to say seven things about myself. Hmmm this is tricky, what's interesting about me? Here goes.

1. When I was little my dream was to be in the equestrian olympics in the year 2000. I wanted to be a show jumper and train horses for the rest of my life! I actually grew up with horses and worked at a training stable after high school, until one day I saw the trainer throw a horse to the ground and sit on it's shoulders. He claimed there was no other way to get the horse to do what he wanted it to. Don't even get me started on that. I quit that day, and I won't ever forget the fear in that horses eyes.

2. I love to run in the rain, with my dog. I love to run hills (nobody believes this, but it's true! I feel like I can do anything when I make it to the top of a really steep hill, after I catch my breath that is) in the early morning. I trained for a marathon (that's 26 miles in case you didn't know) but crushed my big toe and had to stop training. Then about a week later I found out I was pregnant. I call it Divine intervention :) This year I am running at least a half marathon, maybe a full in the fall.

3. I love chocolate milk! I feel very juvenile to admit this, but I have it for breakfast almost every day. 

4. I have two giant schnauzers, that I love and am kind of crazily intense about dog training. If ever you want to know more about this just ask, I wil go on, and on, and on. 

5. I have never flown in an airplane. Ever. Hardly even been out of my own state (go ahead and gasp I know you want to).

6. I have a deep faith in God our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (mormon). I'm not saying this to be pushy, but my faith is a big part of who I am. And don't think this changes how I think about any of you ok? You are all amazing people, we don't have to agree on our beliefs to be friends right?

7. I have the worst memory ever! I forget things almost right after someone tells me. I am always losing things because I forget where I put them! I get lost really easily and um, honestly I'm kind of ditzy. One day I was talking to my husband and I said "I wish . . . (something, I can't remember)" and he said "Wish in one hand and spit in the other and what do you get?" I thought for a minute and said "wish-spit?" Seriously I did. Not even joking, took me a minute to get it.

    There you have it, seven things. More than you probably ever wanted to know. Now I hereby pass this award on to fellow bloggers who are talented, amazing, and inspiring in every way. And if you are not on this list it is probably because you already have this award :) Love you all, thanks so much for your friendship, encouragement and for following along on this blog.

All these blogs are amazing, go see them!


  1. Thanks so much for the award. Very sweet! It was really great reading your 7 things. I have to admit that I can be ditzy myself...and I still don't get the wish and spit thing!

  2. Thanks for award. Very sweet! It was great reading your 7 things. I have to admit that I can be pretty ditzy myself! I still don't get the wish and spit thing!

  3. Those seven facts were awesome. I also love your paintings! So beautiful. That's it. I need to get published now so I can commission some portraits from you! :) Thanks for having such a wonderful blog.

  4. Thanks again Christine!
    And Heather, glad I wasn't the only one. I guess the wish and spit thing is if you have a wish in one hand you have nothing, if you spit in the other hand you have spit, so what do you have together. . . spit! In other words stop wishing and start doing!
    Roxy, you are just so nice, thanks so much! I love your blog too! I'm thinking about having a contest in a few months for a free portrait. . . Still in the works :)
    I hope you get published soon, soon, soon.

  5. AWWW! Thanks for the award. I loved loved loved reading your 7 things. It took me back to simpler times when we were little. You are such an amazing woman, but you still remind me of that sweet little girl!!! Luv ya

  6. You're an amazing artist. And thanks for the award :) I feel very honored.


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