Thursday, February 25, 2010

Step Three (getting closer!)

"Here Be Dragons" work in progress
15x20 watercolor

     It's coming along, and I finally managed to take a decent picture of it! Amazing! I am finished with the face right now, but when I'm totally finished I may go back in and emphasize a little here and there. I still need to work on the hair, it's not quite where I want it to be. I have a hard time with hair, that's one of my weak points. I kept trying to decide if the color was dark enough or bright enough on the face. I'm still not one hundred percent sure about that, but I think it's good for now. When I added the dark color of his shirt, it really brought out the bright colors in his face. I always forget how much depends not only on the color of what you're painting, but also on the surrounding colors. I think the black shirt really makes the face glow a little more.
     Well, now the hardest, most nerve-wracking part is finished. I can breathe now. I get all uptight when I'm doing the face, because obviously if you blow it on the face the rest of it doesn't really matter that much. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do about the background, still thinking about that. Hopefully it will move along a little quicker now. I only have a few more days! And here is a little quote about art that I like, feel free to apply it to whatever form of art you do!

     "To make our present ability approach our aspirations takes ambition, training, a desire to take risks, to explore, to endure failure, and to hope for success.
     You don't have to draw or paint (I'm going to add or photograph, or write)  like someone else to succeed. Just register your feelings and express your perspective." Arne Westerman
     He is one of my all time favorite artists! And his style is so different than mine, but if I have ever seen anyone really paint with feeling it's him. WOW! Now go ahead and keep telling yourself this when you're feeling down, I'll try and remind myself to do it too. Until tomorrow friends :)


  1. You are VERY talented! And i have must admit that the quote that you used really speaks to me right now because i was having a hard time getting into photography even though I LOVE it... so i am thankful that you stopped by my blog to comment and that you took the time to comment it is greatly appreciated! Take care!

  2. Thanks so much you guys! I love to hear your comments :)

    Kimberly glad you liked the quote, it helped me too. And welcome,glad you stopped by! Can't wait to see more of your photos!

  3. This is really beautiful. I like how you are posting the process. It is neat to see it come together.


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