Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Step Two

"Here Be Dragons" detail work in progress
15x20 watercolor

     So here is step two. Looks very similar to step one doesn't it? What I'm doing at this point is intensifying the color. I already have my map laid out so I know I have an accurate likeness. Now I can concentrate on the color and hope I don't mess it up. At this point I am being very careful to not lay down too much paint or to mix the wrong colors together and end up with clogged, muddy paper (which is much easier to do than you would think). I start with a light skin tone color, then a shadow color that I mix, it's kind of a purpley grey color. But I think it works beautifully for skin tones in shadow. Then I start laying in different shades of reds and yellows, to make the skin look like it's glowing. That's the goal anyway.
     Watercolor is difficult because it can't be erased, and it can't be painted over. Pretty much whatever you put down is stuck there. Unless you want to scrape it, or wash it off which I don't, because I think it defeats the purpose of what I'm trying to do. Which is a fresh, glowing portrait that is not over worked! One of my biggest pet peeves (and I'm guilty of it too) is when people go over it, and over it, and over it. It just kills the color and it never looks as good as if you get it right the first time. Which is probably why I quit on a lot of paintings, I've reached the point of no return and it just can't get back to it's original fresh glory! I think it's looking  good so far, I'm finished with the color at this point and tomorrow's post will show the facial features (that's my favorite part :)). Thanks for following along on this with me! Especially you non-artist people, I know this is probably boring to you, but I think it's fun to see works in progress, like on those home remodeling shows!


  1. This work in progress is awesome! I love the warmth of his skin color and the appearance of sunlight on his head and face. Love this. You are so good!

  2. Roxy you're the best! Thanks for stopping by and appreciating what I do. Means a lot to me friend :)

  3. Beautiful work all through the blog...


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